What happens if you put brown dye on purple hair?

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Now, the trend of coloring hair is not just about changing your natural hair color with a different color. The combination of two or more colors is a very interesting idea to create a completely new trend. Even if you have a color that is not a natural hair color, you can still look for a different color to dye on your hair color. That’s so amazing!

A good example of this great mix is the combination of brown and purple hair color. Let’s find out with us what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair in the article today.

Purple tones and Brown tones

Fashionable, outstanding and stylish are brief words to describe girls with purple hair. Because of their brilliance and charm, purple hair seems to be quite picky and daring to possess. But most women want to try once in combination with this hair color to break the new way. Purple tones are made up of blue and red colors. This is a fairly deep tone, but when combined with different tones, there will be many unexpected effects. Purple hair color represents a new, unique trend.