Top 10 Unforgettable Flapper Hairstyles

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Flapper is a word used to point out young Western women with free fashion in 1920s. They were not bound by conservative and traditional lifestyle. In other words, when it comes to flappers, people immediately think about young women with short hairstyles, cigarettes in hand and flickering dresses dancing and listening jazz and enjoying a new freedom. They are the pioneers for the feminist movement since all they did was against the norms of old society. One of the most outstanding of flappers is their short hairstyles. Now, let Beequeenhair show you 10 unique and gorgeous flapper hairstyles that make 20s girls crazy about.

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10 Incredible Flapper Hairstyles

Ear-length Bob

This is one of the most popular flapper hairstyles for short hair in 1920s. The ear-length bob not only shows femininity as well as looks very stylish, which helps women at that time show their personalities. In addition, this hairstyle mixed with thick front fringe aids in framing your face as well as flaunting special features on your face.

Ear length Bob

Short Rolled-in Curly Bob

The rolled-in curls give girls a vintage look. Take Katy Perry as a typical example, her locks are cut into a blunt bob with big curls, giving a modern hairstyle. It is obvious that this is the impeccable hairstyle for those with long hair who don’t want to trim their tresses off. An accessory like the headband and some jewelries will create a real flapper look.

Short Rolled in Curly Bob

Silky Straight Bob with Headband

Flapper hairstyles with headband are favored by many women in the 20s. This is a must-try bob if you want to get a flapper look. Silky straight bob is so amazing and flatters the sexiness and opulence of females. Adding a feather headband over the top of head will definitely make you so attractive.

Silky Straight Bob with Headband

Curly Bob

The list of 1920s flapper hairstyles can’t lack curly bobs. This style of curly bobs is an easy way to give you a vintage and flapper appearance.

Curly Bob

Chin-length Bob with Bangs

Needless to say, chin-length bob with blunt bangs is really a typical example for flapper girl hairstyles. Besides framing your face, this hairdo helps to balance a round face. As its name, this amazing bob is cut above your chin with some texture in the ends to stop it from looking too thick.

Chin length Bob with Bangs

Rope Braided Headband

Coming back to 1920s, you can easily come across the girls wearing rope braided headbands on their head. It can be said that this accessory was all the rage among flappers. A curly bob is perfect for this style. As you see, a braided headband is kept secure on soft curls by multiple pins, making it a wonderful flapper hairstyle. This hairdo is more suitable for short hair than long hair. However, if your hair is long and you still want to rock this style, just stuck your hair into the rope braided headband and tie it in a nice low bun. Done! Now, you are so fetching that no one can take their eyes of your beauty. In brief, we can understand why this hairstyle became one of the most favorite hairstyles of flappers.

Rope Braided Headband

Finger Waves

Short hair is perfect for finger waves. In other words, if your hair is short, you can easily to get this flawless finger waves flapper hairstyle. The women in the finger waves look really sexy, playful and give a feeling of that they are covering something mysterious. That is the reason why they can attract all attention from other people.

Deep Finger Waves

Asymmetrical Waves

Another style of flapper hairstyles for short hair is asymmetrical waves. The perfect combination between modern asymmetrical cut and waves can bring you a vintage vibe of the 1920s fashion.

Asymmetrical Waves

Head Wrap Hairstyle

In addition, the flappers loved to wrap a headscarf around their hair, which adds femininity and attractiveness to their look. In particular, finger waves wrapped by a soft and colorful scarf will make incredibly chic hairstyle. Do you want to try? Why not?

Head Wrap Hairstyle

Classic Low Bun

For girls with long hair who want to have a gorgeous flapper hairstyle, a low bun is an ideal choice. Side-swept bangs, along with a sparkling flower headband, will help girls to show their beauty perfectly. Stylish and elegant are what we can feel when seeing the girls sporting this flapper hairstyle. To create a beautiful low bun, all you need to do is to curl your hair and then wrap the ends of hair in a loose bun. Add some side-swept bangs to finish the look.

Classic Low Bun

Which flapper hairstyles do you like most? If you want to find out many other hairstyles of previous decades like 1950s hairstyles or 1970s hairstyles, continue to follow our website. Thanks for your reading!

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