32 inch human straight wave hair extensions with ombre colors

Many women love outstanding long hairstyles but they can’t have them because their hair is too short and thin. Let Beequeenhair help you to deal with this anxiety thanks to our 32 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions!



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Being the longest hair extensions of Beequeenhair, 32 inch ombre human straight hair weaves have never made customers disappointed. They bring completely new appearances for your hair without wasting your time and money. Have you ever known something about these impressive weave hair extensions? If not, let’s find out together with Beequeenhair right now!

1. What are 32 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions?


As mentioned, these are the longest hair weaves that can make every people impressed. 32 inch length is about 80 centimeters so that they can reach your behind and give you a perfect long hairstyle. Hair used is completely real human hair to give the best quality and figure for hair extensions. After thoroughly selected, hair is spread out and sewn in weft hair extensions. They are regular and firm so that you can use needle and thread to apply them in your real hair.

6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32 inch hair length chart weave human hair extensions

The special things that these hair weaves have are impressive ombre colors and straight textures. They make 32 inch length look much more outstanding and make you bright in any occasions.


Obviously, these hair weaves are ideal for adding length for hair. If you feel that your short hairstyle is sometimes not suitable and tedious, you can choose these 32 ins to renew yourself completely. With the length which can reach your behind, even more if your body is not too high, you will actually become the most attractive person in the crowd.

long ombre straight weave hair extensions

Besides, they are very good for making more volume for hair. Not every people has beautiful and strong hair. In these cases, having 32 inch ombre human straight hair weaves are wonderful. Not only do they have attractive images but also their thickness can help you to hide unexpected shortcomings like thin and sparse hair, even hair loss.

You will also never have to upset because they are real human hair sources. Their naturalness as well as protectiveness is very good. You won’t need to go to expensive hair salons to make fussy styles or directly dye your hair with toxic chemicals. Every problem will be solved by 32 inch ombre straight hair weaves. Of course, the image that they bring to can be totally as beautiful as that of natural hair.

There are too many wonderful advantages that you shouldn’t omit with these impressive weave hair extensions.

2. Beequeenhair’s 32 inch ombre human straight hair weaves

If you worry that you can’t find a good supplier of these weave hair extensions, Beequeenhair is exactly the company you need. With many years of experience in importing- exporting hair extensions, Beequeenhair takes prides in being the prestigious hair suppliers for customers all over the world. Our hair products can meet all demands that customers want from quantity, quality to the price and image that hair extensions bring to.

Good origin

All hair sources of our company are from 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair. We always make sure that there won’t have any trace of processed hair, synthetic hair or animal hair inside. Thus, hair is strong, smooth and natural. Bad problems of white hair, non remy hair, lice, nits are also not appear in our hair products.

Because of being a big company in Vietnam, we collect hair sources from clear and trustworthy hair donors nationwide. Therefore, every requirement of hair quantity is all solved.


Wonderful quality

With skillful workers and modern machines, we always make hair extensions with the best quality, including 32 inch human straight hair weaves with ombre colors. Hair weaves, also hair wefts are made with the most beautiful and regular image. They are also completely firm to minimize phenomena of tangles or shedding when using. In addition, hair weaves are also thoroughly cared to give the end product which look bright,  fragrant, natural and smooth as good as possible.

ombre long straight weave hair

Beautiful images

Imagine your hair is very straight, long and smooth, every other people will be really astonished. Thanks to these 32 inch hair, you will have the hairstyle that not all women hair. It is unique and impressive than every others.

Apart from the common straight texture, you can make some highlight with kinky straight and yaki straight style. They are also very wonderful to make your hair look thicker and more beautiful. Ombre colors are absolutely catchy and trendy that every girl love. The combination between a light tone and a dark tone on hair is perfect to make impression with your friends, right?


Competitive price

Comparing to other good hair extensions in the global market, the cost of buying Beequeenhair’s 32 inch ombre human straight hair weaves are considered much more reasonable and competitive. Therefore, hundreds of thousand women all over the world have believed and chose our hair products.

Besides, our hair also has different standards that can be appropriate for many kinds of demand and finance of customers. They are single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair and one donor hair. Their quality is completely perfect but the thickness of long hair is various so as to be more suitable with different problems of customers’ hair as well as bring the best effects when using.

ombre straight long hair weaves

With all of these aforementioned amazing things about Beequeenhair’s 32 inch ombre human straight hair weaves, do you want to have them? Don’t mind having yourself new and creative changes for your hairstyles with these weave hair extensions, they will actually not make you disappointed.


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