22 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors

If you want to have a hairstyle which is both natural and outstanding for medium length, let’s try using Beequeenhair’s 22 inch ombre human straight weave hair. You won’t never have to disappoint about them!


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To meet different demands of customers, Beequeenhair supplies all types of hair extensions with every possible length. One of them which girls all over the world love is 22 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors. In this article, let’s discover special things of these wonderful hair weaves with us!

1. What are 22 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions?

We know that 22 inches is about 55 centimeters so this length size is the most suitable for medium length hairstyles when you install in your real hair. With straight texture and a standard body, 22 inch hair can reach over the middle part of your back. Of course, it will look longer with girls who have the more modest height.

22 inch ombre straight weave hair

Because it is straight hair, the length of hair will give the truest and the most natural images. In addition, hair is guaranteed to be real human hair with the best quality and fixed by regular and beautiful sewing wefts. After that, they will be dyed with impressive ombre colors to have perfect hair weaves. The ending results are always make customers satisfied.

2. Why should you choose Beequeenhair’s 22 inch ombre human straight hair weaves?

Being a prestigious company in the import- export field of hair extensions, Beequeenhair takes pride in bringing to customers the best 22 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions with the most beautiful figure and the highest quality.

Trustworthy origin

Instead of making hair extensions from synthetic hair, we use totally real human hair. Our hair has the clear and trustworthy origin from 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair. Hair is beautiful, strong and natural. It is not too slim but not too bold so that it is very popular in the market of global hair extensions.

We always guarantee that hair sources are selected and checked carefully from good hair donors. Thus, there won’t have any bad problems in hair like bug, nits, non remy hair or processed, silicon hair or animal hair inside.

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Impressive straight wefts

If you think that straight hair is tedious, you are completely wrong. Straight hair weaves with 22 inches give the most beautiful image than ever. Hair looks natural, smooth and burnished. There won’t have problems like shedding and tangles because hair is sewn in firm and regular to make sure that remy hair is not easy to be fallen out when using. Moreover, with advanced technology, straight hair won’t get tangles but look smooth like the the soft water stream.

medium length ombre straight weaves

Beautiful ombre colors

Indeed, you can find hair extensions with thousands of various colors in the market nowadays but they are actually not real human hair extensions. Because real hair easily gets damages when dyeing and bleaching with too outstanding colors, we won’t make all ombre colors. In contrast, our hair colors look much more real, natural and impressive.

If you need more consults of these ombre colors, contact Beequeenhair to have more details.

3. Advantages of having Beequeenhair’s 22 inch ombre straight weave hair extensions

The first advantage that Beequeenhair‘s 22 inch ombre human straight weaves bring to customers is the comprehensive hair protection. Instead of dyeing and bleaching your own real hair, using these hair weaves won’t make you have to waste a lot of money in expensive salons or expose to toxic chemicals. Your real hair will be protected better and more effectively. Moreover, in case that you don’t want to use hair extensions or want to change another hairstyle, you can take them off without taking much time.

The second advantage is the length when they are installed in short hair. If you want to transform your short hair into medium length hair which can reach to the middle part of your back immediately, the best way is using these 22 inch ombre straight hair weaves. This ideal length will actually give your short hair a wonderful new appearance.

ombre straight weaves

Obviously, using them is very effective to make more volume for hair. They can be not as bouncy as wavy or curly hair weaves but they are still very impressive for girls with straight hair to have the suitable thickness for hair.

After reading this writing, do you want to have our 22 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions? If having any demand or questions, don’t hesitate to call us, Beequeenhair is always ready to serve you!


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