20 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors


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If short hair is too rebellious and long hair is too gentle, having medium length hairstyles is the best idea. Especially, using 20 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions is very suitable for girls with short and thin hair.






Sometimes, thin and short hair makes you feel embarrassed and not comfortable in front of the crowd, right? Do you want to find a suitable method that is both beautiful and safe for your real thin hair? Let Beequeenhair suggest a wonderful choice for you! It is using 20 human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors.

1. What are 20 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions?

These 20 inch ombre human straight hair weaves are weave hair extensions with medium length size. With the length of about 50 centimeters, they can reach to the middle part of your back when installing in hair. They are special hair weaves with outstanding ombre colors and impressive straight texture.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

More importantly, these 20 inch weaves are completely real human hair so that they are beautiful, strong and natural than other synthetic hair extensions in the market.

2. Wonderful advantages of Beequeenhair’s 20 inch ombre human straight hair weaves

Talking to medium length hair weaves, their biggest advantage must be the thickness that they bring to your thin hair. Thanks to these weaves, girls will never have to afraid other looks no matter where you are. They can give you the perfect appearance that takes everybody by surprise.

Besides, using 20 inch ombre human straight hair weaves is a very good way to help girls with short hair to change their hairstyles without spending many years raising hair. The straight texture and creative ombre colors won’t make you disappointed.

Using these real human hair weaves is exactly a good way to protect your real hair from bad effects from toxic chemicals when dyeing or bleaching hair as well as keep hair away from synthetic hair with annoying smells and low quality.

3. Why should you choose Beequeenhair’s 20 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions?

Coming to Beequeenhair, you will get the best 20 inch ombre straight weave hair extensions with beautiful images, impressive style and wonderful quality.

Wonderful origin and quality

Beequeenhair’s 20 inch ombre human straight hair weaves are taken from good and trustworthy hair sources from Vietnam. Hair is always checked thoroughly before making into hair extensions to make sure that there is no bugs, non remy hair or processed hair inside. Of course, problems like synthetic hair, silicon hair or animal hair are never appear in our high quality hair products.

Beside, with skilled workers and advanced machines, these 20 inch ombre straight hair weaves are always made with the most beautiful images. Hair is nice, strong, smooth and natural as good as possible. Hair wefts are also made very regularly, beautifully and solidly to avoid getting tangles or shedding. Therefore, this good hair product is loved very much in the market of hair extensions.

Impressive 20 inch straight hair weaves

Different from hair weaves with curly and wavy textures, our 20 inch weaves with straight texture is the most popular. Its length is absolutely ideal for girls who want to have impressive medium length hairstyles. Straight hair gives the most natural appearance while hair weaves are effective to hide shortcomings of your hair like weak hair, thin hair or short hair.

You can completely use these weaves for any style that you want. Maybe, you want a medium hairstyle which looks soft and gentle or you want an attractive style with something charming and noble, Beequeenhair’s 20 inch ombre human straight hair weaves can meet all.

Outstanding ombre colors

Ombre colors are always highly appreciated because they are very creative and eye- catching. One third of the upper hair is dyed with a darker color while the rest is dyed with a lighter tone to make the harmonious and impressive combination.

Beequeenhair has a palette with various colors which can combine together to make ombre colors that you love much.

With all wonderful things that we mentioned above, will you buy our 20 inch human ombre straight hair weaves? Beequeenhair is always willing to serve you hair extensions with the best services. Don’t hesitate to order your favorite ones to change your former styles!


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