18 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors

If you are a girl who love soft, beautiful but charming hairstyles, why don’t you try using our 18 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions? Your hair will get extremely good effects with these wonderful medium length hair weaves.


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One of the best kinds of medium length hair extensions is 18 inch human straight hair weaves with ombre colors. They can meet almost demands that you need from hair extensions such as suitable length size, impressive texture and also attractive colors. If you still don’t believe, let’s discover them together with Beequeenhair right in this article!

1. What are Beequeenhair’s 18 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors?

You can find these 18 inch hair weaves anywhere in the market of hair extensions all over the world. However, good figure and quality are exactly things that effect on customers’ decisions. Beequeenhair is the most prestigious supplier that you can comxpletely trust in.


Trustworthy origin

Beequeenhair’s 18 inch ombre human straight hair weaves have clear and trustworthy hair sources. They are completely made from 100% Vietnam remy and virgin hair. Our hair is considered one of the best hair sources in the world because it is not too thin but not too bold and rough that can’t fit hair of different customers. Hair always looks beautiful, strong and natural straight.

Of course since they are selected from trustworthy donors, there won’t have bad problems like nits, lice, dirt or non remy hair inside.

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Wonderful quality

All hair extensions of Beequeenhair have high quality, including these 18 inch ombre human straight hair weaves. With modern machines and skilled workers, weave hair extensions are made with the best quality and quantity that can meet customers’ demands. Wefts are very regular and fixed while hair always look beautiful, smooth and shiny without weak hair, shedding or tangles.

Straight texture

Instead of caring hair for many years with expensive conditioners, you can have wonderful straight hairstyles with our 18 inch ombre straight weave hair. Having the most basic and simplest texture of hair, straight hair weaves always get good compliments from customers. Hair is straight, long, smooth and very natural.

18 inch ombre straight

The ideal 18 inch length

The length of 18 inches, which is about 45 centimeters, is not too long. Thus, it fits perfectly with medium length hairstyles. Installing 18 inch ombre straight weaves in hair, your hair can reach to the middle part of your back. It is not too long but impressive enough to take everybody by surprise.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

Outstanding ombre colors

Ombre colors are never out of fashion because they are absolutely beautiful and outstanding. Especially when combining with medium length straight style like 18 inch human straight weave hair, ombre tones will look more impressive than ever.

Bulk Straight Ombre 01Beequeenhair has the palette of various colors which can mix together to make suitable ombre colors with customers’ different demands. 18 inch straight hair weaves with a darker color above and a brighter color below will make a wonderful effect. The ratio between the two colors is chosen by customers so that you can get your most favorite style.

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Best standards

Beequeenhair supplies these hair weaves with four main standards of hairs. They are single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair and one donor hair. The thickness as well as the price of hair is also decided by these standards. Thus, it is up to your demand and financial ability that you can choose these 18 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions with the most exquisite quality and the most reasonable cost.

2. What do you use 18 inch human straight weave hair extensions for?

Having the ideal 18 inch length, using these hair weaves is a good way to add length for short hairstyles. With these weaves, you don’t need to wait for long time to raise your hair into hair or dye hair directly with toxic chemicals. Wonderful straight texture, ombre colors and 18 inch length of our human weave hair extensions will give you a medium length hairstyle with the best image.

Beside, using these 18 ins is also a complete way to make your hair look thicker and more impressive. Therefore, don’t feel inferior because of thin and spare hair without doing anything. Let’s buy yourself these 18 inch ombre straight hair weaves immediately to have a newer and more charming changes as well as feel self- confident every day.

medium length ombre straight weaves 1

Perhaps, you wonder why installing these hair weaves in hair is quite difficult and takes much time but it is still loved by girls, right? It is because these hair weaves are made from 100% real hair. It is safe and natural when applying in hair. Hair wefts are very regular and steady so they can be kept in hair for many months with good care.

With all of these advantages and strengths, will you choose to buy these 18 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions? If having orders, contact Beequeenhair to have the best hair products with the highest quality in the soonest time.



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