18 inch human curly weave hair extensions with ombre colors

Sometimes, you should change your straight or wavy hair into curly styles with outstanding colors. It will give very wonderful images without making bad effects on your hair directly. Trying our 18 inch ombre human curly weave hair extensions is not a bad choice.





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A medium length hairstyle with impressive curls is always considered one of the most beautiful hairstyles for girls all over the world. However, not everyone can have it because their hair is short, thin or sparse. To help girls to have beautiful hairstyles without exposing unexpected shortcomings, Beequeenhair would like to introduce you our 18 inch human curly weave hair extensions with ombre colors. If you haven’t known much about them yet, this article will be very useful!

1. What are 18 inch human curly weave hair extensions with ombre colors?

These 18 inch ombre curly weave hair extensions, which are about 45 centimeters in length, are suitable for medium length hairstyles. In reality, their length size will look a bit shorter than 18 inch straight hair weaves because of curly textures. However, they will look perfect for medium hairstyles which can reach to the middle part of your back.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

These hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair so hair looks very beautiful and natural. Hair is sewn into long wefts, also hair weaves to fix suitable length and textures. Moreover, curly styles and ombre colors are wonderful highlights for these 18 inch weave hair extensions so that they have a lot of variations.

A good 18 inch ombre human curly hair weave needs to meet all criteria relating to quality, image and also colors that make customers satisfied.

2. Why should you choose Beequeenhair’s 18 inch ombre curly weave hair extensions?

Beequeenhair is proud of being the best choice of customers when they have demands of hair extensions. Our 18 inch ombre human curly weave hair extensions with the most beautiful images and the best quality will meet all satisfactions of girls.

Clear origin

Our hair is completely Vietnam virgin and remy hair which is beautiful, real and natural. All hair sources are checked and selected carefully to make sure there won’t have lice, nits, non remy hair inside. Besides, other bad problems such as synthetic hair, animal hair or dyed hair before will never appear. Thus, hair is always strong and good enough to make weave hair extensions.

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Wonderful quality

Many people afraid that with the ideal length of 18 inch hair, wefts can be easily get damages likes tangles, breaking or shedding. However, that is impossible with hair products of Beequeenhair. Our hair is always guaranteed with the most wonderful quality.

Our hair wefts are made by advanced machines and skilled workers so they look regular, beautiful and solid. The linking between sewing lines and hair is close to make sure they are not easy to be broken, cut off or got shedding and tangles.

Attractive ombre colors

We can say that ombre colors are never out of fashion with global girls because their images are too impressive and outstanding. Imagine that you are having a unique hairstyle with a darker color above and a brighter color below, its reflex will actually very good.

16 inch ombre curly

Coming to Beequeenhair, your choices about ombre colors are unlimited. You can create them according to your hobby and characters so that hair will always have the best images.

Various curly textures

medium length ombre curly

Apart from beautiful ombre colors, the special point that makes our 18 inch hair weaves become attractive is that they have diverse textures. You can choose different styles like deep curly, loose curly, fumi curly or romantic curly. Each style has different strengths so that they can easily find yourself a suitable curly style you want. For instants, you choose a deep curly hairstyle or romantic curly hairstyle for medium length hair to display your creative and pro- active characters. Besides, choosing curly textures like loose curly or fumi curly for soft and gentle girls is absolutely not bad ideas.

3. Wonderful advantages of Beequeenhair’s 18 inch curly weave hair extensions with ombre colors

Talking about our hair strengths is not enough, the important thing is that they have to be useful when installing in real hair.

18 inch ombre curly weave

The first wonderful feature of Beequeenhair’s 18 inch ombre curly weave hair extensions is its perfect length for medium length hairstyles. Many girls want to have longer hair immediately without raising hair for long time, they find 18 inch ombre curly weave hair extensions as the best solution. Of course, our hair can completely meet that demand. A medium length hairstyle with outstanding ombre color and unique curls will give you many new experiences for impressive hairstyles.

The second advantage of our hair extensions is that it can add more volume for thin and short hair. After using these 18 inch weave hair, you will never have to feel inferior or shy in front of the crowd. These hair weaves with bouncy and stunning curls will give your hair the perfect thickness.

Because they are made from real human hair, using them is also a way to protect your hair from being damaged by toxic chemicals as well as external causes when you dye or bleach your own hair directly. That’s so wonderful!

medium length ombre curly weave

Have you got your decision of buying our 18 inch human ombre curly weave hair extensions? If yes, contact us immediately to have these hair products with the best qualities and figures. With the motto “Customers are Kings”, Beequeenhair’s hair extensions won’t make you disappointed.


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