14 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors

For girls with short hair who do not want to dye or make various hairstyles, our 14 inch ombre human straight hair weaves can be the most suitable choice for you. Try finding out about this kind, you may love it!




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If you want to have a perfect medium length hairstyle without styling, dyeing or bleaching hair, our 14 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions can help you. They can give you simple but creative styles which are very popular with girls all over the world. Let’s discover wonderful things that they bring to with Beequeenhair right in this article.

1. What are 14 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors?

As their name, these hair extensions are sewn in hair wefts with the fixed length of 14 inches. This length size is about 35 centimeters so it is not too short and not too long. It can fit perfectly with medium length hair styles. Especially when hair is straight, it will look beautiful, long and natural since it is 100% real human hair. Following new trends in the world, ombre colors are also combined with these hair extensions to make unique and charming hairstyles that make every girl have to chase after.

14 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors

2. Qualities of Beequeenhair’s 14 inch straight hair weaves with ombre colors.

There are many companies in hair extensions’ field who supply 14 inch ombre straight hair weaves. However, not many companies can meet customers’ satisfactions. Beequeenhair takes pride in being one of the top companies about importing- exporting hair extensions in the world, we always guarantee that our products have the best quality and figure.


All of our 14 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors have the clear origin from 100% real human hair.  We deliver Vietnam remy and virgin hair which is considered one of the most beautiful and strong kind of hair. You will never have to worry that you will buy synthetic hair, silicon hair or animal hair from our company. As for us, the prestige is always the top criteria so that hair products are very good and trustworthy.

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Hair’s quality is always the thing that customers notice. Not only does ombre human straight weave hair with 14 inches need to be beautiful and attractive, but its application also need to be efficient. Our hair is selected and checked thoroughly before to make sure that hair doesn’t have lice or nits. Weak hair, non- remy hair or processed hair will not be chosen to make hair extensions. Therefore, our 14 inch straight hair weaves are the choice that many customers love. They are impressive, smooth and strong enough to make other people surprised.

Hair wefts are fixed and sewn in carefully to make regular and nice sewing lines. Thanks to that, problems like shedding or tangles are also solved easily.

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Straight texture

This is the basic and original texture of hair so that it makes hair look very natural, soft and charming. Different from other kinds like curly, wavy or kinky, etc, 14 inch straight hair weave with ombre colors will give the best length if you want to have a perfect medium length hair. Your hair can reach over shoulders so that it looks neat, modern and attractive for girls. Besides, with this texture, you can make other designs that you like such as light wavy, curly short hair, curved bob, etc. It is actually a good idea.

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Ombre colors

Ombre colors are very popular nowadays because their combination between a light and a dark color is so amazing. You can have yourself your own favorite colors to make a perfect highlight for 14 inch straight hair weaves. Commonly, hair will be dyed with one third of dark color on hair top and the other two thirds of hair will be dyed with a brighter tone.

Ombre tones are very diverse so that you will never feel tedious with this style. You can contact us, refer to Beequeenhair’s tones of colors and get your best choice anytime. They will actually take you by surprise because of their charm and creativeness.

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You shouldn’t think that hair extensions with ombre colors will take you more money. It is also up to the length, the textures and also the standard of hair extensions that you order. We have 4 main standards for hair called single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn and one donor hair. The thickness and the length of each standard will be different so that they can meet various demands as well as budget of customers.

3. Customer reviews

It is not boastful when we say that 14 inch ombre human straight weave hair is one of the most popular types of hair extensions that customer choose. The medium length of 14 inch natural straight hair combining with outstanding ombre colors make these hair weaves to be loved more. It makes simpleness, comfort but also impression for the wearer.

14 inch ombre straigh hair

Let’s try these 14 inch ombre human straight hair weaves once at least and see surprising things afterward. We make sure that you will love them like the way that thousands of our customers do. Visiting website of Beequeenhair to see similar hair products which is appropriate for your requirements.


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