14 inch human curly weave hair extensions with ombre colors

When you want to have a impressive hairstyle which is longer than shoulders a bit without making styles or dyeing hair colors into your real hair, don’t ignore these Beequeenhair’s 14 inch ombre curly weave hair extensions!





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If you want to have a new change for your medium length hairstyle, why don’t you try our 14 inch ombre human curly weave hair extensions? With this length, you can feel comfortable and self- confident because they are suitable for almost types of hair, faces and bodies. Let’s discover them with Beequeenhair right in this article!

1. What are 14 inch ombre human curly weave hair extensions?

With the length of 14 inches, which is about 35 centimeters. Its definition of the length is when it is straight so that 14 inch curly weaves will look a bit shorter because of curly textures. However, these ombre curly weaves still guarantee that they are one of the best choices for medium length hairstyles.

14 inch curly ombre weaves

Hair is chosen carefully and sewn in regular and beautiful long hair wefts by advanced machines and skilled workers. They have different curly textures and outstanding ombre colors, which can satisfy almost all of customers. Besides, they are made from real human hair so they always look nice, strong and natural when applying in hair.

2. Why should you choose Beequeenhair’s 14 inch human curly hair weaves with ombre colors?

Good brand

Many people ordered 14 inches ombre curly hair weaves with bad quality and image from unclear suppliers so that they had to regret so much. Beequeenhair is actually not in those objectives. Being one of the most prestigious and famous hair suppliers in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience, we will actually bring to you wonderful hair extensions with the best quality and figure.

Clear origin

Our 14 inch ombre human curly hair weaves have the clear and trustworthy origin from Vietnam. They are 100% Vietnam remy and virgin hair. Our hair source is considered one of the best hair types because they are naturally smooth, not too bold but not too slim so that they get a lot of good reviews from customers.

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High quality

With the good hair source and modern technology, we bring 14 inch ombre curly weave hair extensions with the best quality. Hair is beautiful, smooth and natural without lice, nits, shedding or tangles. You also don’t need to worry that there will exist synthetic hair, animal hair, non remy hair or any bad kinds inside our hair extensions.

They are always guaranteed with the best image and high quality. Of course, hair weaves also have longer shelf life. It is up to the care of the user that these hair weaves can be used for 2 years, even longer.

Beautiful curly textures

Curly textures are things that make these short hair weaves become impressive when wearing on. We supply various kinds of hair curls such as deep curls, loose curls, fumi curls and romantic curls. They have different outstanding and attractive characters so that anybody can also use.

curly hairstyles

For examples, girls with rebellious and charming can choose themselves deep curly weave hair extensions. Whereas, girls with the softer style can choose to buy loose curly weaves or fumi curly weaves. The type of romantic curls is also very attractive and creative for your new changes with medium length hair, etc.

deep curly

Creative ombre colors

As you know, ombre colors are very popular and trendy these days. They are perfect choices for girls to display their own personality. A darker color above and a lighter color below actually make you look bright in the crowd. We have various tones for making ombre colors so that you can choose freely for your favorite medium hairstyle.

3. Advantages of 14 inch ombre curly weave hair extensions

Customers like our 14 inch ombre curly hair weaves because they are the most appropriate for medium length hair styles. You can use them to make your short hair into medium length hair with creative curly textures and beautiful ombre colors.

Beside, applying them for thin and short hair is absolutely proper. Hair weaves can fit perfectly for thin hair and stay in hair for several months with skillful care. Their figures and quality are wonderful so that they will not bad suggestions for you to hide unexpected shortcomings.

More importantly, these human hair weaves are good and safe. You will never have to worry that they will make any bad effects for your real hair and also for your health when you install them in for a long time.

ombre curly hairstyle

We hope that these 14 inch human curly ombre weave hair extensions will satisfy you with wonderful experiences with medium length hairstyles. They are extremely unique, attractive, trendy and suitable for a lot of kinds of hair and faces. Therefore, don’t omit these impressive hair weaves if you don’t want to regret afterward.



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