12 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors

Every girl wants to have perfect and beautiful short hairstyles without making damages on their hair. Therefore, they find 12 inch ombre straight human hair weaves of Beequeenhair.  Let’s explore wonderful things about these hair extensions to have another good choice for your short hairstyle.


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Wearing hair extensions is actually a wise method to make new images for hair as well as not to damage real hair. One of choices that we want to introduce you is using 12 inch ombre human straight hair weaves. You will love them after reading this article so don’t ignore interesting information below!

1. Descriptions of 12 inch human straight weave hair extensions with ombre colors

For customers who don’t know much about these hair extensions, we will explain clearly. In general, they are hair extensions which are sewn in long wefts with 12 inch in length hair. They are hair products which are made from real human hair to make the best effect when applying in hair. Hair’s texture is straight so that it is absolutely beautiful and natural enough to hide unexpected bad problems of initial hair. Of course, ombre colors are the special things that make 12 inch human straight weaves become outstanding.

12 inch ombre human straight hair weaves 1

Imagine that you have a short hairstyle with contrasting colors on, it will be very impressive, right?

2. How to put 12 inch ombre human weave hair in real hair?

Weave hair can take you much more time in applying than other types of hair extensions. However, it is still the top choice of womankind when they want to buy hair extensions. Because hair wefts are sewn in solidly, it can last longer in hair and look more real than others.

Putting these hair weaves need your skillfulness. Make hair cornrow at suitable positions that you want to wear hair extensions. Then, put 12 inch ombre straight hair weaves in and sew them regularly with needle and thread. You can ask for another help to have the best effect if you haven’t felt secure when do it yourself.

How to put 12 inch ombre human weave hair in real hair

In case that you want to take them off, you only need to cut threads, take off cornrows and let your hair rest. Everything will be back as usual.

3. Advantages of having Beequeenhair’s 12 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions

When wearing hair extensions from unclear sources, you can deal with dozens of bad problems such as low- quality hair, ugly textures, short shelf life, unreasonable price, etc. However, you will never meet these problems with Beequeenhair’s hair extensions. Our 12 inch ombre straight hair weaves will give you more advantages than you think!

They help your short hair to look more impressive

You feel that common short hair with messy hair or hair with split ends makes you feel uncomfortable and not confident in yourself, don’t you? Our 12 inch ombre human straight hair weaves can help you to change that. With the length of 30 centimeters, you can have impressive shoulder length or a bit longer hair styles. Because their texture is straight, hair wefts can add length for real hair and still keep the best naturalness when wearing.  Instead of having usual short or pixie hair, why don’t you try make more highlights with longer straight short hairstyles?

12 inch ombre straight hair

They make more volume for your hair

With these weaves, you won’t need to worry about your thin and sparse hair. Hair wefts will hide these shortcomings perfectly and make your hair look full of vitality. A strong and thick short hairstyle gives girls self- confidence and brightness in front of the crowd.

They make impressive highlights for short hair

If it is only simple black color, perhaps your hair will be very tedious. However, specific ombre colors of 12 inch straight hair weaves can make you become the star among the others. Ombre colors on hair extensions are dyed with a dark color at the top part and a lighter color at the ending part. These two contrasting colors are chosen by customers so that they bring the best satisfaction for customers.

12 inch ombre straigh hairstyles

You can use them for a long time

Hair weaves are long wefts so that you can use them for many times. After using the suitable amount of hair weft, you can also keep the rest for the next time. Our hair products are 100% human remy and virgin hair from Vietnam so that hair is always beautiful, strong without lice, nits, shedding or tangles.

Moreover, our hair is guaranteed with the best quality, which is checked thoroughly and believed by a lot of girls all around the world. You will never find synthetic hair, animal hair or non remy hair in our high quality products. Therefore, hair will be difficult to get damages like artificial hair and it can exist in more than 2 years with good care.

12 inch ombre straight weaves

For now, don’t make more hesitation, call us immediately to get 12 inch ombre human straight weave hair extensions in the soonest time. Visiting Beequeenhair website to get more useful details for your demands of other hair extensions. We are always ready to serve you!


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