Pearl hair collection

We are cheerful to announce officially about the launch of our brand new opulent products line – Pearl Collection!

Within 20 years supplying Human Hair Extensions in Hair Industry, Beequeenhair have served millions customers from different countries and territories all over the world. It’s not easy to understand and satisfy the demand of each client, however, finding their common taste and expectation perfectly to innovate our products with outstanding quality and extremely fast delivery is always a big wonder that our Directory Board wants to solve.

In terms of our concern above, we have done a large-scale survey in market analysis as well as a big revolution in production technology. Now, we are so proud and excited to launch our new products line – Pear Collection as a remarkable imprint in Beequeenhair’s path.

Inspiration for Pearl Collection

Pearl is an invaluable jewelry that shows the chic as well as beautifully pure soul of a woman. Moreover, it brings in the beauty of the opulent, the classic and the elegant as Noble ladies in 70’s.

The charm of Pearl is not only about its outer, but also about the genesis process. Deep in the ocean valleys below, pearl oysters are always in long-term battle to defeat their enemies so as to create brilliant gems.

Similar to the formation process of pearl, our new collection has overcome a great deal of difficulties. Cherishing the idea about new products line for long, Beequeenhair always wants to apply the latest technology and first-class materials to design the high-qualified bundles with closure, bundles with frontal and wig for Pearl Collection. Thanks to our great exertion, we finally complete our mission and introduce Premium Products Line – Pearl Collection.



Brief Information about Pearl Collection

Instead of offering products individually, we create different sets for perfect full head application.

Bundles deal

  • Each bundles deal: 3 bundles with closure 5×5, or 3 bundles with frontal 13×4, or 3 bundles weave only.
  • Color: Natural black (#1B);
  • Texture: 9 distinguished texture, including Straight, Yaki Straight, Deep Wavy, Body Wavy, Water Body Wavy, Natural Wavy, Curly, Deep Curly and Kinky Curly;
Virgin Weave water body wave 3 bundles with frontal Virgin Weave Yaki Straight hair 3 Bundles deals Deep curly haii 3 weave bundles


  • Type: Lace closure 5×5 wig, Lace frontal 13×4 wig, Lace frontal 360 wig, Full lace wig;
  • Color: Natural black (#1B)
  • Texture: Straight, Body Wavy, Water Body Wavy, Curly and Kinky Curly;
  • Density: 130%
Body Wave Wig
Body Wave Wig
Water Body Wave Wig
Water Body Wave Wig
Straight Wig
Straight Wig
Curly Wig
Curly Wig
Kinky Curly Wig
Kinky Curly Wig


Pearl Collection – Gift from Nature

Pure Origin

The core of a successful product is the input materials. While other products in low-cost hair market are mainly made of processed hair with cuticles unaligned, we – a trustworthy wholesale hair vendor, will blow your worries away with our perfect virgin hair.

The materials of our opulent products line are collected from donors with healthy and shiny hair who usually live in remote mountainous areas. Hence, our team has to visit these locations to persuade these girls to sell or donate their beautiful hair which is well-maintained with natural ingredients instead of chemical products.

Processing procedure

To remain the purity of hair, we take advantages of friendly-environmental and harmless methods such as air dry or hot steam.

Beside experienced workmanship, we also apply high-tech imported from the developing countries in the world to produce this Collection as well as other luxurious products line in near future.

Screenshot 25

Quality Check

After bundles with closure deal, bundles with frontal deal or wig are done, they are transferred to Quality Check Apartment. Our team includes many exquisite experts who has many-year-experience in Hair industry. On the one hand, we also have modern technology to check pH level, elasticity as well as hair quality.


Qualified products will be sanitized and fumigated carefully before packaging. We use high quality plastic bag to keep the hair in-shape without getting frizzy in delivery, then put them into deluxe boxes. As a result, you absolutely use our bundles deal and wig in Pearl Collection as a gift to your friends and family. At the same time, this box is a perfect hair storage space when you don’t use the hair.

Our Story

Beequeenhair started as a family business since 1990’s. In 20’s, we changed our vision with bigger goal and started exporting to the area and then all over the world. From a small business, nowadays, Beequeenhair has become a prestigious wholesale hair vendor in global market. We have always been developing our technology, training our team and innovating our products. Successfully, we have millions clients from many countries and territories who are loyal with our hair brand.

No need to say anything more, you can experience and feel the quality of bundles with closure deal, and bundles with frontal deal and wigs in Pearl Collection right now in our official website. If you need any information, please leave your comment or contact us directly via Hotline.

Have a nice hair day, Gorgeous!


We guarantee that this Premium Hair Collection has superior features that other products in hair market don’t own. Be careful or you will fall in love with these Exquisite Products.