Outstanding short hairstyles for you on summer holidays 2019

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Having short hair in hot summer days like these is actually wonderful and comfortable, isn’t it? However, summer is also the season of holidays and festivals, making short hairstyles can be the unexpected disadvantage because its modest length. In this article, we will introduce you hottest holiday hairstyles for short hair so that you can look more self- confident and beautiful.

1. Natural short curly hair

Curly hair is not only suitable for long hair but also fits for short hair. Making impressive hairstyle with short hair is also simpler and easier than with long hair. You can make different curly hairstyles which are up to your hobbies and they will actually work well.

Almost girls all over the world very like this style because of its beauty as well the active image that it brings. Curly hair will become outstanding highlights instead of common straight hair and help you to have a perfect appearance on holiday.

Natural short curly hair

2. Pixie hair with accessories

In hot summer days, having pixie hair is so wonderful. However, keeping it simple can make you look tedious and lifeless at animated festivals. Accessories can help you to have newer and more charming hairstyles. For example, you can use a pretty bow or a leaf- shaped clip to make hair look cuter and younger.

Pixie hair with accessories

Fashionable and beautiful colors for short hairstyles

3. Pixie hair with outstanding colors

As for the active pixie hairstyle, natural hair color can’t display all your characters. Why don’t you try an impressive and unique to look more beautiful and brighter during the holiday. Some ideal colors such as blonde, white, smoky- gray, etc can be not a bad choice.

Pixie hair with outstanding colors

4. Pixie hair with short bangs

Using this hairstyle successfully, you are actually a wonderful trendy girl. This style is active and beautiful enough that can make you become the center of the holiday. It gives a new and fresh look. Especially, just few people fit this hairstyle so that it is a good idea if you want to look so outstanding and enchanting.

Pixie hair with short bangs

5. Short hair with combed- back bangs

This is not a joke! The image of girls with combed- back and hair sprayed bangs makes impression and brightness right on the first sight. You need attractiveness and charm on holiday, right? This short hairstyle will help you. Many celebrities have this style and they also get many positive compliments so that don’t hesitate more, let’s go and have your own hairstyle!

Short hair with combed- back bangs

11 Short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins

6. Curved bob

This hairstyle is popularly used everywhere not only on holiday. It is beautiful, pro- active and suitable with different shapes of face, even body. Thanks to it, oval face becomes smarter and nobler, whereas shortcomings of big round or square face can be covered so as to look more balanced and attractive. All ages can apply this hairstyle without worrying that it will look awkward.

Curved bob

7. Shoulder- length wavy hair

If short curly hair gives you an active and some rebellious images, shoulder- length wavy hair will make you look softer and more charming. You can combine it with wispy bangs like Asian girls or keep side- part hair to look more mature and attractive like Western girls. Don’t forget to choose a suitable hair color to make good highlight for you on the coming holiday.

You can find more of this image with short hairstyles for round face and plus size body if you need useful suggestions for these situations.

Shoulder- length wavy hair

8. Half- bun short hair

Making bun updo not only makes you feel cool and more comfortable in summer, but it makes outstanding highlights for your face when you take part in some festival. It looks neat, young but absolutely charming. You can make it with different knots and buns which is up to your hobbies. Famous people as well as hot faces also often this style in travelling. It is worth trying!

Half- bun short hair

9. Half up half down braid with short hair

Braiding with short hair is a good and attractive idea for holiday season. There are many braid styles for this short hairstyle and all of them are impressive and beautiful. The most popular types may be Crown braid and waterfall braid. Regardless of the modest length, these braid styles can still meet your satisfaction.

Half up half down braid with short hair

10. Half- shaved short hair

This hairstyles will actually make you look like a cool fashionista. This bisexual hairstyle is a wonderful idea for holiday season. Combining with appropriate hair color and outstanding ornaments, you will actually look charming and respectable.

Half- shaved short hair


For now, you have had the best suggestions for your short hair, let’s be ready to shine on holiday! Don’t mind sharing with us your achievements. We believe that these beautiful and impressive hairstyles will help you to have comfortable activities and happy time in festivals.

If you still feel worried, why don’t you see the way famous women like Meagan Good or Monica Brown do with their hair. Applying short hairstyles for proms on summer holidays is also not a bad idea. We believe you will love them!

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