Most beautiful and trendiest styles of layered hair

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Styles with layers have not been too strange to women all over the world but have you known all of the most beautiful layered hair styles? Let’s check them out together with Beequeenhair right in this article. We make sure that you can completely find yourself a suitable and eye- catching layered hair style via these wonderful suggestions.

long straight layers

1. Long layered hair

Long layered hair is always one of hairstyles which can display women’s charm and softness the best. Therefore, hairstyles with long layers are extremely diverse and impressive to make girls’ appearances become the most beautiful.

Layered wavy hair

We definitely can’t ignore long hairstyles with wavy layers. Making hair waves is always a wise choice because they give hair the natural and mild feeling. There are many kinds of hair waves such as deep wave, loose wave, bouncy wave, natural wave, etc for you various demand so that you completely don’t need to worry that hair waves can not be suitable with your face shape.

In addition, layers will make hair waves look much more creative. Because the length of hair strands is not equal, it makes hair look messy naturally as well as make hair volume very well. You only need to find a suitable hair color and then your appearance will be perfect! Let’s see an image of long layered wavy hair of Demi Lovato, she looks so charming, doesn’t she?

Layered wavy hair

Straight layered hair

If you want to have a neater but more mature image of hair layers, combining with long straight hair is exactly the thing you need. Essentially, straight hair is very natural and smooth so that when it is trimmed into layers, your hair will look much softer and more feminine.

For an active image with this style, you can choose to dye hair with bright highlights or have dark makeup. We make sure that your appearance will become extremely fetching and powerful!

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Straight layered hair

Layered curly hair

This is exactly an ideal style of layered haircuts for thick hair. No matter which curly style of your hair is, deep curls, loose curls or kinky curls, they will tally useful to make impressive volume for hair. Besides, because their texture are unique, images that they bring to women’s appearances are absolutely charming and outstanding.

When you have curly hair with layers, you can restrict the thickness of hair if it is too voluminous. Moreover, making layers will help your appearance look younger and trendier. Don’t for get to dye hair with your favorite hair color to make it more impressive!

Long layered curly hair

Long layered hair with bangs

Long hair with bangs and layered texture has been a hot style of every girl for some years. These days, that style has not been too popular but we have to recognize that its beauty is actually redoubtable. It is completely not a bad idea if you want to have this ancient style for your next hair style.

Commonly, long hair layers will be combined with side swept bangs. However, it’s up to your face shape and your skin tone to renew this style with short bangs or middle part long bangs.

Long layered hair with bangs 1

2. Medium layered hair

A bit different from gentle styles of layered long hair, medium layered hair styles give images which are still soft but much more graceful and nobler. Let’s check them out immediately!

Shoulder length layered hair

Taking about a celebrity who is loyal to medium layered hair styles, we will actually can’t ignore the name Jenifer Aniston. Obviously, shoulder length layered hair is one of these styles that she loves the best. This haircut is fashionable and elegant that you can bring it to every different event or meeting.

There will be a wonderful idea if you combine it with bright hair colors and middle part hair style. Thus, your face will look much more balanced and keener.

Shoulder length layered hair

Medium tousled layered hair

How about making wavy hair ends with hair layers? It will make a naturally tousled style which is absolutely impressive and outstanding. With this style, it will be better if you keep soft and dark hair colors because the bobbing and voluminous image that this hairstyle brings to hair is actually appropriate with slim and elegant girls.

Combining the hairstyle with middle part hair or some bangs is really a good suggestion to refresh your style.

Medium tousled layered hair

Medium layered hair with bangs

Every hairstyle with layers looks good when it is combined with trendy types of bangs. However, if you want to change styles easily and quickly, having medium length layered hair with bangs is the best choice.

If you need to have a young and lovely, making curved bangs or wispy bangs is really impressive. In addition, let’s combine them with face framing layers. That is an useful method to hide unexpected shortcomings of your face such as wide forehead, long face shape or rough and high cheekbones. With such a lot of advantages, why don’t you try renewing your hair with this style?

Medium layered hair with bangs

In case that you want to have styles which look more charming and luxurious, having long bangs with side swept style or middle part style is gorgeous. Let’s try create hair with your favorite hair color, it will actually give you interesting and impressive experiences.

Medium layered hair with long bangs

Choppy medium layered hair

Another interesting idea for you to have a nice medium layered hairstyle is making choppy layered hair. This style has a lot of variations so that you can freely create your favorite styles. Unique choppy waves go very well with foiled highlights or balayage style so that you can feel completely secure with these choices.

Choppy medium layered hair

3. Short layered hair

Chin length layered hair

Active and rebellious girls actually like this style because this is one of the unique short hairstyles these days. With chin length size of hair, you can completely create your hair with many different styles such as side part style, shaggy style, curved styles, etc.

Chin length layered hair

Layered bob haircuts

Obviously, we can’t ignore suggestions of layered bob hair. Although hair is not long, you still have thousands of ways to have beautiful styles. If you are an African American, you can keep basic curly bob hairstyles with suitable dark colors. Or else, let’s  try combining with straight bob hair or some soft hair waves for newer images.

If you are a Caucasian, don’t mind dyeing hair with brighter hair colors like blonde or silver. These light hair tones are extremely useful for embellishing your white skin and pretty face.

Layered bob haircuts

Short layered hair with bangs

Like layered styles with long and medium hair, you can combine short hair with your favorite types of bangs. Because your hair is short, there will be no problem if you have short blunt bangs or wispy bangs. We make sure that their lovely effects will satisfy you.

Short layered hair with bangs

For women who are finding for some layered haircuts for fine hair, let’s try wearing layered hair extensions. Beequeenhair can supply for you the highest quality real human hair extensions so that you can freely create layered styles with them. That is so amazing, isn’t it?

We hope that you will love this article of us about layered hair. Don’t forget to support us by visiting out Beequeenhair store and website to discover more good hair extensions as well as the latest hair trends and hairstyles.


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