It is boring to stay the same look in this continuous changing hairstyles era. However, it is not easy to growth your hair naturally as well as cut your beloved long lock. No worry, 8 inch hair extensions will make sense.
What is 8 inch hair extensions?

It’s a general knowledge to exchange inch to centimeters. 8 inch is equal to 20 centimeters. When it happens to hair length, it reaches your chin or collar bones.
If you think the short size limit the hairstyles, you get it wrong. Let’s chill your bob up in different ways by adding colors and textures. Also, an asymmetrical hairdo is always dreaming for short hair girls. 
Features of 8 inch hair extensions from Beequeenhair
As a leading company in import and export hair extensions worldwide, Beequeenhair is proud to guarantee all of our products are high-qualified with many outstanding features as be low:

100% unprocessed human hair. Collected directly from healthy donors in Vietnam, our products are unprocessed with cuticle intact which lead to tangle-free hair extensions.
Well maintenance and long lifespan. To keep the purity of the hair, we try our best to reduce outer effects to the hair from collecting to creating types and selling process. 
Variety in styles, colors and textures. To meet the clients’ demands, we develop all of our products, including 8 inch hair extensions, in a diverse palette with 16 patterns. Also, you can reach ombre styles and mix color easily without harming your natural tress.

Types of 8 inch hair extensions
Bulk hair extensions

We can say that this is materials for other types. From bulk hair extensions, we can make weave hair extensions by sewing hair into a weft, or keratin hair extensions by adding melted keratin in hair top, etc. Thus, 8 inch bulk hair is welcomed by wholesale hair suppliers.
Weave hair extensions

Undoubtedly, this is the most purchased products worldwide thanks to its diverse application methods such as sew-in, bonding (also known as quick weave), micro rings (also known as braidless sew-in), etc. Besides, weave hair extensions’ perk is instant reusable while other types need to redo again.
Tape ins hair extensions

Many people love this hair types thanks to the ease in application and removal. Also, it is so seamless that no one can detect your tape hair extensions. Normally, you need to re-tape every 6-8 weeks depending how fast your natural hair growth.
Keratin hair extensions (Tip hair extensions)

As we can see from its name, this type is stick keratin as the bonding factors from hair extensions to your natural tress. To make it, we need to melt the keratin, take a small piece of hair and dip its top in the keratin, then turn it into different shapes as I-tip, U-tip, V-tip, Flat tip, etc
Clip ins hair extensions

Quick installation and removal, clip ins hair extensions are so convenient and popular in hair market. We can consider it as a accessory to mix and match with outfits and makeup. 
Ponytail hair extensions

We have 3 types of ponytail hair extensions including traditional version with 2 strips of clothes and modern versions with veclo and a hair strand. Using this hair type, you can get long hair in a snap only.

Knotted into a lace with different square, 8 inch hair extensions turns into closure or frontal. Thanks to these types, we can cover the hair top perfectly. At Beequeenhair, we use transparent lace with 4 different shades to match your skin completely.
You have many choice for 8 inch hair extensions when coming to Beequeenhair. We are ready to serve you the best products with reasonable price and professional customer service. You can also find out more guidelines about hair lengths here.

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