Many people think of hair extensions as a method to prolong your natural hair. However, it can reverse your hair into a short haircut too! 6 inch hair extensions are a good example for that. 
1.What are 6 inch hair extensions?
To avoid making unexpected misunderstandings when customers order 6 inch hair extensions, we would like to explain clearly about them. “6 inches” is the length of hair when we stretch it as straight as possible. Many people get confused with wavy and curly hair because they are much shorter than they expected, so that they make bad complaints.

How long is 6 inches of hair ?
Our 6 inch hair extensions are extensions with the shortest length size which is only about 15 centimeters. Despite their modest length, you shouldn’t think that they are useless and unattractive. They are the most suitable types for short hair and you can completely make many different hairstyles when you wear them on such as straight bob, curved bob, curly or straight short hair, etc.
2. General descriptions of Beequeenhair’s 6 inch hair extensions
Different from synthetic hair or mixed hair which are low quality and tangle easily, Beequeehair’s products are 100% made by natural human hair. Thanks to that, it keeps the best smooth, burnished and natural characters.
6 inch human hair extensions are also the same. Hair is beautiful, smooth and damage-free. Their life duration is long, which is about 2 to 3 years up to customers’ care. Furthermore, we supply these hair extensions with both natural black hair and other colors like light brown, dark brown or cold colors. They will actually make you feel satisfied.
You also don’t need to worry about price. Our 6 inch of hair has 4 main standards with different price relatively for better choice. They are single drawn, double drawn type 1, double drawn type 2 and super double drawn. You can choose them so as to meet your demands.
3. Suitable types of 6 inch hair extensions
Bulk hair
Bulk hair is the favorite types of wholesalers so that they can make different hair extensions types. Bulk hair is simply made equal to the top and tied into small bunches about 100 grams (equivalent to 3.5 oz) by solid elastic bands.
With this kind of bulk hair, straight hair is the most appropriate for the ideal length. If you use curly or wavy kinds, 6 inch length is short enough for an afro look.

Weave hair
Weave hair is one of the most natural and traditional types of hair extensions. We sew hair in a long weft to keep it fixed and smooth as well as possible. To apply them, we have different methods including sew-in, quick weave, braidless sew-in, micro rings, etc

Clip in hair
This type is a part from weft hair which includes fixed clips to easily put in real hair. You can get instant length and subtle volume quickly with this hair extensions. Similar to other types, clip in hair extension are also available with different colors to fit customers’ demands.

Tape in hair
These hair extensions have their tops with sticky tapes. There have about 40 sticks for one package and they are gluey enough to guarantee that they will easily get on hair. Obviously, with the length of 6 inch, you can completely have good tape hair extensions.

Keratin hair
Keratin hair is actually not a bad idea for your using hair extensions with 6 inch length. Beequeenhair has 4 different tip ins named V- tipU- tipI- tip and Flat tip. They have keratin on top with convenient structures to attach on real hair in a most suitable way.

Besides, we also supply some other kinds of hair extensions such as lace closure, lace frontal or wig hair. However, their length need to be in medium size which is longer than 6 inch extensions so that workers can make them easily as well as give the best product.
These are the most appropriate hair extensions for 6 inch length. You have many options for short hair extensions, don’t ignore these suggestions. If having any question of the quality, origin, colors or anything else of Beequeehair’s 6 inch weave extensions, feel free asking us for the clearest explanations.

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