Nowadays, you don’t need raise your hair for years to have an ideal long hair. You can make a new appearance for your short or thin hair into a very long hair with extensions. How do you think if you have a hair with 30 inch length size? That sounds amazing! In this article, let’s find out about these 30 inch hair extensions with us!

1. Introductions of Beequeenhair’s 30 inch extensions

– Length:

30 inch length size is one of the longest sizes of our hair extensions. A lot of girls want to have this very long and impressive hair to make themselves look outstanding. Hair is very long, which is about 75 centimeters so it can reach over your behind. Some girls can raise their real hair to this length but they can be not beautiful and smooth. Our 30 inch hair extensions can help you to solve this problem.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

– Origin:

Our hair extensions are 100% made from Vietnam remy and virgin hair. Before becoming standard hair extensions, all of our hair are carefully checked and processed to make sure that they don’t have lice, nits, synthetic hair or animal hair mixed.

– Quality:

Hair will be sorted out into different sizes and standards so that extensions will be made as suitably as customers’ demands. With modern technologies and skilled workers, our hair extensions are made with the best quality. There is no problems about lice, shedding or tangles. Hair always look natural, beautiful and smooth.

Hair Extensions Length Guide

2. Textures and types of Beequeenhair’s 30 inch hair extensions

– Textures:

Many girls think that 30 inch hair extensions look the most beautiful when they are straightened. However, it is actually a negative thought. Not only are 30 inch extensions suitable for straight hair but they fit other textures as well. No matter they are straight or curly or wavy, etc, hair extensions are also very smooth and burnished. They are charming and attractive enough to take other people by surprise.

We have a lot of different textures for your choices such as natural straight, natural wavy, deep curly, loose curly, deep wavy, body wavy, water wavy, kinky, fumi and many others. Please contact us if you need effective consults about these designs.

– Types:

Not only do our company supply different texture but we also have various types of hair extensions with 30 inch length size. Apart from traditional types like bulk hair or weft hair for big wholesalers, we also make many other ones.

Clip in hair extensions with fixed and firm clips are very popular nowadays because they are convenient, catchy and easy to use. Tape in hair extensions are also often used because they have sticky tape, which can be put in and taken off simply. Besides, if you like sewed-in hair types, we suggest that you should use products such as lace closure, lace frontal or wig. They can cover bigger zones and more difficult to be seen. Another type that we can ignore is keratin hair. Extensions of this type have 4 variations for customers’ choices named I- tip, V- tip, U- tip and Flat tip. They are not bad idea when you use for spare hair zones.

For now, with the aforementioned information, do you want to own immediately our 30 inch hair extension? Their benefits as well as quality are perfect so that if you want them, please contact us to get the best products in the soonest time.

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