In this article, Beequeenhair will introduce you one of the longest sizes of our hair extensions. It is 28 inch hair extensions.  Let’s imagine that how special they are when you wear them on. People around will actually feel surprised about you because your hair is so charming and outstanding. If you don’t believe, reading the below information and feel these impressive 28 inch extensions!

1, What are 28 inch hair extensions?


The length size of 28 inch hair extensions is actually very impressive, which is about 70 centimeters. If you wear a wig with this length, these hair extensions can reach to your behind, even over if your body is not too tall. Off course, if you uses other textures which are attached on lower positions on your real hair, it will look much longer.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

– Purposes:

With 28 inch hair extensions, you can have a very smooth long hair. It can make you become outstanding in the crowd or at some party. You can use these long extensions for having a newer and brighter image or covering your shortcomings of short hair, thin hair or bad hair. You will never be disappointed with this decision.

2. About 28 inch hair extensions of Beequeenhair

Being a company with the top prestige and experiences, Beequeenhair is ready to bring to you 28 inch hair extensions with the best quantity and quality.

– Origin:

Our 28 inch hair extensions are completely made from virgin and remy human hair. Hair products are taken from clear and truthful sources in Vietnam. They are guaranteed that there will not have synthetic hair, animal hair or nits mixed into.

– Quality:

From clear origins, our 28 inch hair extensions also have the best quality. Hair is always beautiful and strong. Having modern machines and skillful workers, we remove all hair with bad quality and process non- remy hair into remy hair to get beautiful hair products. Thanks to that, our hair extensions always look smooth and burnished. They are also very natural and fit real hair so that no one can see they are only hair attached.

– Textures:

You can order our 28 inch hair extensions with various textures. We have natural straight hair, natural wavy hair and many other hot steamed textures such as body wavy, deep wavy, water wavy, deep curly, loose curly, kinky, fumi, yaki,etc. We can cater all of your different demands that don’t make you satisfied.

– Types:

Types of 28 hair extensions are extremely diverse. We have traditional types such as bulk hair or weft hair. Traders to buy and process more according to their own demands. In additions, we also have available and convenient types like tape-in hair, clip-in hair, lace closure, lace frontal and wig for different choices of partners. You can also order types of keratin hair including I- tip, U- tip, V- tip and flat tip for spare hair zones. Every type has their own strength so that if you need some type, contact us to get the most useful advices.

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If you are care about our 28 inch hair extensions, please share with us. You will have these extensions with the best hair quantity and quality. Visiting our page regularly for more useful information about hair products, we believe they will bring new knowledge for your demands.

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