How do you think if one day, you own a long hair up to 24 inches? Not many people can raise their hair so as to be long like that because it takes a lot of time and cares. However, we have a wonderful way to help you to complete this wish. It is using 24 inch hair extensions of Beequeenhair. So what are characters of 24 inch extensions, let’s discover in this article.

1. What is Beequeenhair’s 24 inch hair extensions?

– Length:

As their name, these extensions have the length of 24 inches which is about 60 centimeters. It can reach over your hip, even reach your behind if you are not too tall. This length will actually make you outstanding in the crowd because it is very long and can make a lot of different textures.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

– Textures:

We supply all kinds of hair textures for various demands such as straight, wavy, curly, water wavy, kinky, yaki, fumi, and many complex kinds which are up to demands of the buyers.

2. Qualities of 24 inch hair extensions

– Quality:

Beequeenhair’s 24 inch extensions are 100% made from Vietnam remy and virgin hair. Hairs’ origin are always clear and truthful so that customers never have to worry of the quality of products. We make sure that hair extensions are always beautiful, smooth and shiny. Thanks to modern technology and skillful workers, our products never meet problems such as shedding, lice, nits or tangles to bring to customers the best results.

– Colors:

Although 24 inch hair extensions are quite lengthy, we can also dye various colors for them. Our palettes are always highly appreciated because they are beautiful, impressive and suitable with customer’s hair color.

– Standards:

We have standards of single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair and another one called one-donor hair. The volume of long hair with the right length will increase gradually which makes appropriate choices for customers’ demands.

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3. Types of 24 inch hair extensions

Beequeenhair supplies various types of 24 hair extensions for customers’ demands. All types are beautiful and attractive with this ideal length.

Bulk hair

These hair extensions are simply tied with elastics to fix hair. Hair is not made into any specific types so that it is for wholesalers to buy with large amount and make into new types which are suitable for their customers’ tastes.

Weave hair extensions

Weave hair extensions have their strength because they are sewn in a fixed weft. Hair will not be easily tangled or fallen out. Their usage is also simple. You only need make a horizon line of real hair and sew these hair extension into that line.

Clip in hair extensions

This type can be one of the most ordered products of extensions because it is beautiful, convenient and easy to use. Putting them in and taking them off are also very simple. Therefore, they are more and more popular nowadays.

Tape in hair extensions

Similar to clip- in hair, these tapes in hair extensions have their sticky tapes to attack on hair and you only need to take off carefully when you don’t want to wear them.

Keratin hair extensions

These keratin extensions include 4 basic types: I- tips, U- tips, V- tips and flat- tips. Tips’ shapes are like their name and their tops are keratinized. Using them can take a lot of time but they are useful solutions for customers with only some spare hair positions.

Lace closure and lace frontal

Perhaps, these types are too popular with girls who usually use hair extensions. Hair will be crocheted on a flat net with the big coverage for different purposes like making bangs, hair side parting, etc.


Many women don’t feel self- confident because their hair is too thin, even bald so they find for wig with high quality. Our products are exactly all things you need. Wigs are manufactured and processed carefully to make them look perfect as much as possible.

We hope that our 24 inch extensions will help you to have beautiful and suitable hairstyles. Furthermore, you can find and choose hair extensions with other length sizes to meet your demand. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information if you need some help about these 24 inch hair extensions!

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