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You need to have an outstanding look for the coming party but still keep your soft character? Or you have to wait too long for a beautiful long hair? Don’t worry, you can have it right now with our 22 inch hair extensions. With this hair length size, you will actually take the crowd by surprise!

1.What do you know about our 22 inch hair extensions?

– How long is 22 inch hair?

This kind of hair extensions has a very long length size which is approximately 55 centimeters when it is maximally straightened. Many girls like this length because it is not too short but not too long. Hair can reach to your waist, even over and it give girls an impressive appearance. The weight for each hair bundle is about 100 grams and you can completely change this number according to your reality demands. We make sure that you will make your friends amazed because your hair becomes much longer and thicker just after one night.

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