You need to have an outstanding look for the coming party but still keep your soft character? Or you have to wait too long for a beautiful long hair? Don’t worry, you can have it right now with our 22 inch hair extensions. With this hair length size, you will actually take the crowd by surprise!

1.What do you know about our 22 inch hair extensions?

– How long is 22 inch hair?

This kind of hair extensions has a very long length size which is approximately 55 centimeters when it is maximally straightened. Many girls like this length because it is not too short but not too long. Hair can reach to your waist, even over and it give girls an impressive appearance. The weight for each hair bundle is about 100 grams and you can completely change this number according to your reality demands. We make sure that you will make your friends amazed because your hair becomes much longer and thicker just after one night.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

– Where is its origin?

Beequeenhair’s extensions have the clear origin from 100% Vietnam virgin and remy hair. Vietnamese people are known as beautiful, strong but not too rough hair so that many people all over the world love using them. We also guarantee not to mix any synthetic hair or animal hair on extensions so that hair is always long and natural.

– How about its quality?

Not only are our hair sources good but their quality are also ideal as well. Hair is always carefully checked and processed by machines with modern technology and worker with good skills. Beequeenhair’s products always look beautiful, smooth and shiny without tangles, nits or shedding like low quality hair extensions. Even though, they look very natural and fit perfectly with real hair to make your appearance look the best.

Beside, these hair extensions have 3 main standards that can meet customers’ various demands named single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair.

2. Types, textures and colors of 22 inch hair extensions

– Types:

As hair extensions with other length sizes, 22 inch hair extensions also fit various types. Bulk hair extensions and weave hair extensions are products that our company often supplies the most. With these extensions, wholesalers can make into other convenient types for their customers. In addition, we also supply available types of extensions such as tape in hair, clip in hair, keratin hair, lace closure, lace frontal and wig for different choices. Each type has its advantages so that all these products are much ordered.


With 22 inch hair extensions, straight hair is the most popular choice of girls. It gives the outstanding length and beautiful image. You can order this texture and let it be natural or make your favorite hairstyles.

Off course, we also have 22 inch hair extensions with diverse textures such as curly, wavy, body wavy, kinky, yaki, fumi, etc which is up to customers’ demands. If you want to have a specific texture, don’t hesitate to contact us, we actually make you satisfied.

– Colors:

Customers often ask for their favorite colors and many company can’t cater for the right one. Our company understands that and we supply various palettes for customers from natural black hair color to lighter tones of brown, cold colors. With some specific colors, you can completely change into your favorite colors if you want.

3. Who are suitable for 22 inch hair extensions?

All girls can wear 22 inch hair extensions no matter they are young or old, cute or mature, white skin or other skin colors. This kind of hair extensions give the girl’s appearance look softer, gentler and more charming. You will make strong impression with the others with these smooth long hair extensions.

Perhaps, you don’t use these extensions for making an outstanding image, you use them for the more real purpose. It is because your hair is too short or too thin that makes you feel uncomfortable and not self- confident. 22 inch hair extensions can help you to cover these shortcomings in the best way.

Right now, let’s prepare yourself a type of 22 inch hair extensions! You will have a lot of surprising and interesting experiences. Don’t mind asking us for more details if you are having questions or trouble with them. We are always willing to help you!

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