Almost young girls like having smooth hair and letting it down freely to make impression with others. However, not many people can raise it long and keep it healthy so that they think of using hair extensions with medium length size to deal with them. 18 inch hair extensions is exactly the ideal one. Let’s together with Beequeehair discover these hair extensions in this article.

1. Descriptions of Beequeenhair’s 18 inch hair extensions

– Length:

Have you ever imagined that your hair is long and smooth which can reach over your mid back? Now, you can do it immediately with our 18 inch hair extensions. They are relatively long with approximate length of 45 centimeters. With this length of hair, girls will have an extremely new image which is completely different from your daily short hair.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

– Weight:

Hair extensions are divided into equal bundles with about 100 grams for each one to easily grab and use. Besides, as a professional company, Beequeenhair’s factory is always ready to design your hair extensions in different weight such as 80g, 150g, 200g, etc.

– Textures:

With this ideal length, you can completely order different textures of hair. For example, you want to choose a style of straight hair with the attractive and mature characters as well as keep their available length or you want to choose yourself a deep wavy hairstyle to show pro-active character. Besides, you can order with us many various textures like curly, kinky, fumi  so as to meet your demands.

– Types of 18 inch extensions:

With the demand for long hair extensions, you always have much more choices for types of extensions. Beequeenhair’s customers are very diverse in all over the world so that their choices is also different. Many people like to use clip in hair, tape in hair or keratin hair because of their convenience. Whereas, wholesalers like buying bulk hair, weft hair or wig to make diverse designs for their selling products. Sometimes, lace frontal or lace closure are the suitable choice for girls to make them look more impressive and attractive.

2. Origin and quality

18 inch hair extensions of Beequeenhair are taken from truthful sources and checked thoroughly to reject bad and low quality hair. More importantly, they are 100% made from Vietnam remy and virgin hair to guarantee that hair looks strongest and the most beautiful.

Quality is the thing that you never have to worry about Beequeenhair’s extensions. We are proud of being one of the most prestigious exporters of hair extensions in the world. Thanks to good hair sources and modern processing machines, we make hair extensions with the best appearance and quality. They are smooth, beautiful and shiny without tangles, shedding or lice. They also look extremely natural and soft so that no one can discover that they are just hair extensions, not real hair.

3. Other information


You can use these 18 inch hair extensions for about 2- 3 years, even longer if you keep them carefully.


Colors are regularly updated to meet customers’ different demands. You can choose yourself a basic black hair or a brighter colors like light brown tones, dark brown tones and some other cold colors which is suitable for your hobbies.

Standards and price:

We have 4 basic standards named single drawn hair, double drawn hair type 1, Double drawn hair type 2, super double drawn hair and another one called one- donor hair. You can select appropriate standards for your demand and price will be defined based on them.

The aforementioned information are essential things you need to know of our 18 inch hair extensions. We hope that this kind will help you to have a new look with medium hair extensions. You will actually feel happy and surprised with good effects that they brings. Contact us to have your favorite one and get our best discount right now!

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