In past time, many women have to worry that their hair is too thin or too short to make various long or medium hairstyles. However, this is no longer the ominous problem nowadays. In this article, Beequeenhair will introduce you one of the best ways to deal with it by using 16 inch hair extensions. Do you feel curious of these hair extensions? Let’s find out with us right now!

1. What is the length of 16 inch hair extensions?

As its name, 16 inch hair extensions have the length size of 16 inches. It is approximately 40 centimeters. This length is defined when hair is maximally straightened. All other textures can not have this ideal length because they are shorten in the process of making hair extensions’ styles.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

You need to understand this description to avoid meeting pitiful mistakes when ordering this hair size.

2. Why should you choose Beequeenhair’s 16 inch hair extensions?

The global market of hair extensions is diverse and active with a lot of different big and small companies. Beequeenhair is proud of one of the most prestigious suppliers of hair extensions in Vietnam. We have supplied this commodity for many years with hundreds of thousands customers all over the world. Thus, we always brings hair products with the best quality.


Like hair extensions with other length sizes, our 16 inch hair extensions have the clear origin from 100% Vietnam remy or virgin hair. Hair sources are seriously checked and processed to give the highest- qualified products and to guarantee that there will not have any synthetic hair or animal hair mixed.

– General descriptions:

This hair has the right length of 16 inches when they are straightened.

Each bundles of hair weights 100 grams (equivalent to 3.5 oz). Customers can change this number according to their demand.

– Various textures:

Natural, straight, curly, wavy, kinky, yaki, fumi, water wavy, romantic curly, etc. You need to notice that with different textures, 16 inch length can be changed. However, it still long and beautiful to make your hair look natural and impressive.

– Updating colors:

We supply natural colors such as black, brown and blonde in different tones for customers’ demands. Furthermore, when finding about these colors of our company, customers can receive suitable suggestions to have their favorite hair dye.

– Hair’s shelf life:

It is up to customers’ care that hair extensions can exist for more than 3 years.

– Standards and cost:

We have 4 basic standards. They are single drawn hair, double drawn hair type 1, Double drawn hair type 2 and super double drawn hair. The amount of long hair will gradually increase according to each standard.  Besides, we also supply one- donor hair for customers’ needs. Their prices will be assessed from these above standards.

– Quantity and quality:

Being a famous and prestigious supplier, Beequeenhair is ready to supply all enquires of customers of quantity no matter they are small or large. We supply hair extensions with the best quality. Hair is always beautiful, smooth, soothing and burnished. There will have no problems like tangles, lice, nits or shedding when customers receive our products.

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3. Using 16 inch hair extensions

– It’s a shoulder-length or armpit-length hairstyle so that you can use them if you want to have medium and beautiful hair immediately according to their hobbies. Moreover, many girls can use them for their thin hair to cover this shortcoming and make hair look more attractive in special occasions.

– There are a lot of different types of application such as bulk hair, weft hair, clip in hair, tape- in hair, lace closure, lace frontal for demands of customers.

You can also choose keratinized tip hair extensions with various kinds like I- tip, U- tip, V- tip and flat tip or choose yourself an ideal wig if you feel your hair is too thin.

16 inch hair extensions are popular and much loved by girls at every age because they have the ideal length. In addition, you can also use them for various styles in different situations. Right now, if you are having a demand for hair extensions with 16 inch length, contact us to get the most charming and appropriate extensions in the soonest time. Beequeenhair is always willing to help you!

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