As for girls who don’t want to have their adding hair which is too short or too long, 14 inch hair extensions can be the most suitable choice. Beequeenhair is ready to supply hair products with the length size like that with the best image, quantity and quality.

1. What do you need to know of 14 inch hair extensions?

14 inch hair extensions are very popular and often chosen by girls who want to have medium hair.

How long is 14 inch hair?

14 inch length is about 35 centimeters which is long and beautiful enough to make your hair become impressive. We need to note that this size is measured when hair is maximally straightened.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

With this ideal length, you can choose yourself attractive medium- length textures. For example, you choose straight, curly, wavy or water wavy hair extensions. Fumi, kinky or yaki hair is also not a bad idea with this length size.

2. Origin and other criteria

– Origin:

14 inch hair extensions are 100% Vietnam human hair. Hair origins are completely safe which are taken from virgin hair or remy hair.

– Quality:

Each hair extension is processed by modern machines and skillful workers to make products with the best quality. Thanks to good hair sources, hair extensions are made without tangles, shedding or lice. Hair is guaranteed to looks smooth, burnished and natural as much as possible. Moreover, in bleaching and dyeing processes, we do not use toxic chemicals so that products keep their available strength and beauty.

– Weight:

Each bundle of hair extensions is 100 grams by default which is about 3.5 oz. However, its volume can be lighter or heavier which is up to customers’ various demands.

– Hair’s  shelf life:

With good hair quality, you can use these hair extension for about 2 to 3 years, even more. There caring routines are also simple like real hair because it’s 100% human hair. Hence, you don’t need to worry that they will be damaged just after once using.

– Colors:

We supply an ideal palette of hair. It includes both natural black hair colors and diverse colors for customers’ hobbies like tones of light brown, dark brown, blonde and cold colors.

– Standards:

Hair extensions also have fixed standards for different demands of customers. Many people want to have a thick and long 14 inch hair extensions, they can choose our best standard- super double drawn hair. Whereas, customers with the demand of choosing 14 inch extensions with average cost, standards of single drawn hair or double drawn hair can be more suitable because they contain a moderate amount of short hair inside but we still guarantee that hair is thick and beautiful enough when you apply on real hair.

– Price:

The price is suitable for the quantity and standards that you choose. In addition, we make sure that our company always suggest hair extensions with the best quality and the most competitive price that can meet all customers’ satisfaction.

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3. Types of 14 inch hair extensions

Similar to hair extensions with other length sizes, you can choose not only different textures but also diverse types of 14 in hair.

These types contain:

  • Bulk hair
  • Weave hair
  • Keratin hair
  • Clip in hair
  • Tape in hair
  • Lace closure
  • Lace frontals
  • Wig

Each has its advantages and strength so that you can choose any types that you like and feel comfortable with your hair.

For now, you must have had the clear awareness of our 14 inch hair extensions. Don’t hesitate to prepare yourself with this kind for your thin or short hair to make it thicker, longer and more suitable to your demand. Sharing with us your inquiries of these hair extensions with 14 inches to have proper answers as soon as possible.

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