Being one of the most popular length sizes of hair extensions that many customers choose, Beequeenhair’s 12 inch extensions have a lot of strengths. In this article, we will introduce all things you need to know about them. Perhaps, 12 inch extensions will be suitable for your coming hair renewal.

1. Descriptions of our 12 inch hair extensions

– Length: 12 inches

This part is to answer for the question “What is the length of 12 inch hair extensions?”. This length size is measured when hair is maximally straightened. That means you will receive them with this length when they are straight hair. If you order other textures such as curly, wavy or kinky, etc, you will have to  accept that the length size of hair will be shorten which is up to each design. Therefore, be careful in your choosing process to avoid misunderstandings.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

– Weight: 100 grams per each bundle

This is the standard weight for our each bundle which is equal to 3.5 oz. Besides, you can order different weights such as 80g/bundle, 150g/bundle, 200g/bundle, etc up to your demand.

– Origin: All of our hair extensions are 100% Vietnam remy hair

Vietnamese hair is known as beautiful and smooth hair. Hair is taken from truthful origins and processed with modern technology so that they give the best image and quality.

-Textures: Diverse

With 12 inch length size, you can choose yourselves various textures. However, the best choice may be straight hair because it give the most real length and you will have a perfect new long hair. Other choices such as wavy, fumy, curly, kinky, etc will give shorter sizes which are suitable for short or medium hair.

2. Criteria of Beequeenhair’s 12 inch hair extensions

– Quality:

Because our hair is 100% made from natural human hair, it gives hair products with the best quality. Hair looks beautiful, smooth and shiny. You will never have to worry that hair extensions are not similar to real hair and they will make you feel embarrassed in the crowd. Our hair extensions are completely pure and flawless. They are different from synthetic hair or mixed hair in the market nowadays. Moreover, our remy hair also gives the best hair with no tangles, no shedding and of course no insects.

– Standards:

Our hair extensions are divided into 4 different standards: single drawn hair, double drawn hair type 1, double drawn hair type 2 and super double drawn hair. The volume of long hair will be increased gradually. Therefore, you can choose the most appropriate types with your demands as well as your budgets. Moreover, we also supply one donor hair for your safe choice.

– Colors:

Apart from natural black hair, we supply diverse colors for your different choices. You can choose basic tones such as light brown, dark brown, jet black or cold tones.

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3. Types of 12 inch hair extensions

With the relative length of 12 inches, you can get different choices for your extensions.

Wholesalers usually choose bulk hair or weave hair. These are the first and basic products of our company. Bulk hair is fixed with tight elastics while weave hair is sewn in to a line to keep hair not be fallen out or be tangled.

Furthermore, we also have various choices like clip- in hair, tape- in hair, keratin hair, lace closure, lace frontal. They are extremely popular and convenient.

We hope that the above information will help you to have the clearest look of our 12 inch hair extensions. Their image and quality will actually not make you disappointed. If you want to have a longer or shorter size for your demand, finding our related articles for more details.

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