In case of the fact that your hair is short or thin and you want to have a new and attractive medium or shoulder length hairstyle immediately, what will you do? There is no more choice but adding suitable hair extensions. If 6 or 8 inch extensions are too short and 14 inch or longer extensions are too lengthy, 10 inch hair extensions can be the best choice for you in this situation. For now, let’s find out things that you need to know of the wonderful 10 inch hair extensions with Beequeenhair!

1. What are 10 inch hair extensions?

The length of 10 inch hair extensions is defined when they are maximally straightened. At that point, 10 inch is equivalent to 25 centimeters. If you want to have a perfect collar bone hair length with other patterns, you need a longer size so that after completing the hair product as below.

hair length chart inch weave human hair extensions

How long is 10 inch hair?

10 inch hair extensios is not too long but not too short, which is approximately 25 centimeters so that it is a suitable choice for medium hairstyles.

View: hair length chart

2. 10 inch hair figures

Because 10 inch hair extensions are not too long, they are just over your shoulders a bit. Thus, the most appropriate hair design is straight hair. It helps you to keep the longest size of hair extensions so that you can have a longer and more impressive hair. Straight hair also keeps the most naturalness so that it will look more beautiful when you wear on head.

If you use 10 in hair extensions for other figures of wavy hair, curly hair, kinky hair, fumi hair you will have to accept that their length will be shorten and it will be very difficult for you to have a perfect medium hair. In case of ordering a 10 inch extension when hair is styled, you should ask for our staff’s consults to choose a more appropriate length. We make sure that you will not disappointed.

3. General descriptions of Beequeenhair’s 10 inch hair extensions

All products of Beequeenhair are 100% made from virgin and remy hair. It has clear origin and high quality which is thoroughly selected. Obviously, 10 inch hair extensions also have these features. 10 inch hair extensions are strong, beautiful, smooth and not easy to be damaged by chemicals.

They also have general standards like others such as Single drawn (B), Double drawn type 1 (A+), Double drawn type 2( A++), Super double drawn(A+++) and one donor hair. You can choose yourself the most suitable one. Our company always guarantee to bring you 10 inch extensions with the best quality, figures and colors.

4. Suitable types of 10 inch hair extensions

With this medium length, you have a lot of choice for types of hair extensions.

Bulk hair

Being an original product, 10 inch bulk hair is often supplied for wholesalers or traders . They will make various types of hair extensions for customers’ choices such as weft hair, clip in hair, lace hair, etc. Each  bundle of bulk hair is tied into small bunches weighing 100 grams (about 3.5 oz) by solid elastic rounds . Thanks to that, we guarantee that they are served as well as possible.

Don’t forget to contact us if you want to have these bulk hair extensions. We can supply enough quantity and quality according to your demands.

Weave hair

Instead of keeping hair in an inconvenient bulk, using weave hair is better. Weft hair extensions are made with the aim of sewing directly on real hair to make hair look thicker and more beautiful.

Clip in hair

10 inch clip in hair extensions are often ordered because they have the medium length, clips can be put in wherever on hair that you feel suitable and natural. Tiny and easily using clips can be worn on and taken off when you want. They will make you hurt like weft hair but their effects are still very good.

Tape in hair

Similar to clip in hair, these hair extensions are also popularly used nowadays. They will be stick on real hair to make it longer. You can unravel anytime you want. There are about 40 tabs like that of a tape so that you will use for many time and many different positions on head.

Keratin hair

Beequeenhair has 4 basic types for these keratin hair extensions named V- tip, U- tip, I- tip and flat tip for your various choices. Each tip is keratinized to keep hair not fallen out as well as be the utility to attach on real hair.

Lace frontal and Lace closure

Hair will be crocheted on a flat net with the big coverage (130%). Their volume is about 30- 35 grams. You can use these laces for any hair styles you want. Lace frontal is bigger than lace closure and you can use the one that you feel it suitable.

We believe that you have found your suitable 10 inch hair extensions to make a thicker, longer and more attractive hair. You can find more types of hair extensions with other length on our pages. If having any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us for more details.

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