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Just like closure, a lace frontal has the power to change how we look instantly. If you want to enhance your beauty at once, this product is what you are looking for. Making a frontal is not an easy process. To bring you the best lace frontal, we have to attach all the hair strands to a lace piece by hand so that the knots are surely fixed and tight. This meticulous work takes a lot of time. We use only high-quality natural Remy hair which is free of problems such as hair shedding or tangles. A lace frontal is bigger than a normal lace closure. It goes from ear to ear when we apply it. Using this product can help you have an elegant hairstyle immediately. However, a frontal with poor quality may harm your scalp. Using only high-quality lace and hair, we guarantee our frontals are durable and absolutely safe for your scalp. With this awesome product, your beauty will shine like a star.

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