Jessica Nigri’s beauty without makeup

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Jessica Nigri is an American cosplay celebrity, promotional model, and Youtuber. Besides this, she works as a voice actress and fan convention interviewer. This is really a talented girl and each of field of action, she always has a certain fame. She appears in promotional material for several video games such as Lollipop Chainsaw and Gears of War 3. She also starts her career playing a role of Pikachu at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Even though Jessica Nigri is a celebrity who are most of the tim appeared with makeup. With colorful lips and makeup carefully, she looks pretty and gorgeous. However celebrity no makeup is becoming a trend currently. Jessica Nigri is one of the celebrities who dares to show off her natural beauty. Jessica Nigri’s beauty without makeup is really incredible.

1. Without makeup photo

Jessica Nigri is well known for her cosplay video and she always looks beautiful thank to the power makeup. However she decides to show the difference of her apperance between with and without makeup. She recently uploaded pictures of her no makeup face on their Instagram. I’m sure with you that this is one of the best bare-faced beauty we have ever seen on Instagram. How gorgeous Jessica Nigri looks without lipstick, makeup, and filters. She even looks happier and incredibly great. It is time for us to stop comparing your natural beauty with others. Be proud of yourself without makeup or filters.

2. Athleisure

This is a picture that Jessica Nigri goes to a gym. She looks dynamic and healthy. She choose a simple tank top mixed with a blond hairstyle which make her look more gorgeous. Sometimes you just need to go outside with simple clothes and suitable hairstyle and other people still can take eyes off you.

Weave deep wavy hair blonde color

3. Clean and healthy skin

We all know that make up frequently can cause harm to our skin. Therefore Jessica Nigri always tries to reduce the amount of makeup on her skin as much as possible. Do you feel that she is really pretty with smooth skin in this picture. She appears so confident with her natural beauty and her healthy skin is one of her strength. If you want to look gorgeous as Jessica Nigri, you should take care of your skin every day. Skincare plays an important role in your natural beauty. When you have healthier skin, you’ll feel even more happier.

4. Youthful-Looking Face

One more time Jessica Nigri go out with no makeup on and she appears more youthful, compared to other women who take the time to apply makeup. She has a white skin and blond skin which make her look gorgeous. One tips to have an excellent bare face such as Jessica Nigri is that you have to apply the right hairstyle and always be confident with your look. Jessica Nigri looks younger than her age and she is always happy with her natural look. Makeup can’t change who you are and how you really look.

Becky Lynch with no makeup photos

5. Hairstyle

The truth is that not every haircut will look good on every girl, and wrong hairstyle can make your look unappealing evenwhen you wear makeup or not. Every time Jessica Nigri appears, she always choose a suitable hairstyle for her look. It makes her look more attractive although she doesn’t wear makeup on. One tips is that before you decide on a hairstyle, be sure it will suit your face shape and hair type. Perhaps you would be surprised to see the power of your hairstyle can make your facial skin look flawless. Jessica Nigri can apply this tips for her natural beauty and so do you.

Jessica Nigri always looks gorgeous even with or without make up. Is there any secrets behind her natural beauty? The truth is that she is always confident with her natural beauty and she is proud to show her gorgeous apprearance. Honestly you also can do it. It’s all about how you feel about yourself and how you maintain your skin. Therefore you shouldn’t be afraid to give up makeup. Actually you don’t have to do it all the time and you can choose the suitable time to take care of your skin and be happy with your natural look. How do you think about Jessica Nigri’s natural beauty? Share your ideas with Beequeenhair in the comment section below.

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