Incredible Peekaboo Hair Colors – Do You Want To Try?

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Have you ever colored your hair with peekaboo highlights? What is exactly the peekaboo hair color? It is quite interesting when comparing this hair color with a game of hiding and revealing. Are you curious about it? Don’t let you wait anymore! Today, Beequeenhair will show you what it is and most incredible peekaboo hair colors to you. Let start!

peekaboo hair color

1. What is peekaboo hair?

The term “Peekaboo hair” sounds quite interesting. So what does it mean? When you decide to have peekaboo hair color, it means that you will keep the top layer of your hair natural shade, hiding colored hair underneath! The hallmark of this coloring method is only when you wear your hair up, your colorful hair are shown off outside. Fantastic! It looks like a miracle. Something beautiful is covered and suddenly revealed, making people amazed.

What is peekaboo hair

Nowadays, instead of only one or two colors flickering from beneath strands, you have plentiful choices. As a matter of fact, the color trend often changes depended on human’s preferences. That is the reason why you can find a variety of creative interpretations that have been breaking down the rules of traditional dyeing methods.

Now, you can have a general view about peekaboo hair color. It’s time for us to discover the most stunning peekaboo hair color ideas. Just keep reading and choose the best one to rock for a new change this year.

2. Most Stunning Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas

Rainbow Peekaboo Hair

Rainbow Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo rainbow hair is the first name we must mention when it comes to the trendy color for hair in upcoming winter. You will look so cool when hanging out with fabulous rainbow highlights. With a simple hairstyle like high bun or half up half do hairdo, you can show off your colorful rainbow highlights subtly..

V-tip Kinky Straight hair Natural color

Purple Peekaboo Hair

purple peekaboo hair

Add something mysterious to your hair by coloring it with purple under the top layer of hair. The intense hair colors like purple are growing in popularity for those who want to show their personality. Leave the top layer of hair black or lighten it with platinum to flaunt the impressive contrast.

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purple Peekaboo in platinum hair

Peacock Peekaboo Hair

Peacock Peekaboo Hair

Do you love the colorful feather of peacock? Have you ever thought how your hair looks if dyed with the mixture of colors like a peacock? We must say that it is beyond words. Imagine when someone touches your hair by accident and discover the amazing secret inside. They must say “wow” with full of admiration. Just mix medium purple, cool green and intense blue undertones. What you get is an impressive color inside your hair.

U-tip Straight hair Blonde color

Pastel Peekaboo Hair

Pastel Peekaboo Hair

Hidden highlights always create a surprise in any circumstance. A pastel hue underneath the lighter hair like blonde can be freeing by showing the world your personality and personal style. Let your hair color help you affirm who you are! In short, pastel peekaboo highlights are worth trying at least once in your life.

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Pink Peekaboo Hair

Pink Peekaboo Hair

Pink peekaboo hair is also another choice for you to rock this year. No matter which colors your hair is, black, blonde or brown, you are definitely able to add pink peekaboo highlights. Especially, when you choose light pink in blonde hair, it will give your hairdo a subtle and chic vibe.

Blue Peekaboo Hair

Blue Peekaboo Hair

Black hair with peekaboo highlights will create an impeccable contrast to your hairstyle. Therefore, if you have black hair, blending it in blue peekaboo highlights is an interesting idea.

U-tip Straight hair Dark Brown color

Blonde Peekaboo Hair

Blonde Peekaboo Hair

Blonde peekaboo highlights looks appealing when mixed with red or brown. All you need to do for a fantastic hairstyle is to add a few of blonde peekaboo highlights to your wavy red or brown hair to get the best combination.

Peekaboo Highlights Short Hair

Some people think that peekaboo highlights just fit long hair. But, throw away that conception. These colors also work well on short hair. If you don’t believe it, look at some typical examples bellow. Your mind will change.

Pastel Peekaboo Short Hair
Pastel Peekaboo Short Hair
Peacock Peekaboo Short Hair
Peacock Peekaboo Short Hair
Pink Peekaboo Short Hair
Pink Peekaboo Short Hair

U-tip Romantic Curly hair Blonde color

purple peekaboo short hair
Purple peekaboo short hair
Blue Peekaboo Short Hair
Blue peekaboo short hair

Well, the hair colors always evoke lots of inspirations and creativeness. And peekaboo hair highlights have never been out of fashion. Are you interested in any peekaboo hair colors mentioned above? Beequeenhair hopes that this post will be helpful to you. Continue to follow our website for more interesting information related to hair. Thanks a lot!

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