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If you are intending to purchase a wig, it is necessary for you to look for information about the tips on how to take care of the wigs correctly.

If you have already had one, there are more reasons why you need to know about wig care tips.

This writing will provide you with the most useful tips needed when taking care of your wigs that can make them last longer.


You can use your fingers to gently detangle your wigs.

Nevertheless, you are recommended to untangle your wigs with professional wide-tooth combs for wigs.


Please keep in mind that combing your wig constantly or combing too aggressively can make it prone to be frizzy, especially the ends. Furthermore, over-combing and combing incorrectly can even make the hair strands fall out of the wig. Therefore, always be gentle.

Washing and conditioning

You should not wash your wigs every day. Hair experts recommend that wigs should be washed after they are worn for 25 times.

Never wash your wig without combing it because you can make it more tangled.

A lot of women make the mistake of washing their wigs with hot water. In so doing, they are damaging their wigs. Warm water is much better.

Regular shampoos and regular conditioners cannot be applied to synthetic hair extensions and the same happens with synthetic wigs. Instead, special shampoos and conditioners are extremely suitable.

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Make sure to rinse all shampoo and conditioner out of the wig so as to make sure that there is no build-up in your wig.


Regardless of your type of wig, you should never wring the wig to ensure that there is no fiber falling off. Similar to your natural hair, it is better to towel dry your wig or let it dry naturally.

In case you do not have a wig stand, you can completely replace it by any appropriately-sized round object on which you can hang your wig.


If you would like to make your wigs look curly or wavy, you had better use rollers. Additionally, hair curling irons and hair wavers are also helpful but you should only use these tools on low heat. This tip can be applied to not only wigs but also hair extensions and natural hair because of the fact that high heat leads to a lot of hair problems.

Be careful if you have the intention of using some spray in your wig. The spray will make your wig become greasy easily.

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When you are at home, take the wig off and put it on a wig stand. This is the best way because it not only keeps the wig in shape but also prevents tangles. We do not recommend sleeping in wigs because it can lead to frizz.

Or you can put it in a bag, in its box or store it in your closet to keep it away from dust, sunlight and heat.

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Please follow these tips because they can help to extend the life of your wig. Believe in us.

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