How to Care Your Colored Hair: 9 Tips for You

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Hair coloring is now practically popular, however, do you know the secrets to care your colored hair properly? This may be a difficult question for many people. There is nothing to argue about the fascination of great colors for hair, but in fact, it also causes damage to your hair by the chemicals in hair dye. It’s really a big problem. Your hair may be split, dry, broken and even hair color will fade over time if you don’t take care of your colored hair carefully.

Therefore, this article is to help you. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce damage to your hair after dyeing your hair and nourishing your hair. To help you easily choose how to care for your hair so that it always has beautiful colors without worrying, here are 9 tips for you to solve problem how to care your colored hair. Please take your special attention to the suggestions and advice we give below.

1. Notes immediately after hair dyeing

Notes immediately after hair dyeing
Notes immediately after hair dyeing

Remember, in the process of dyeing your hair, your hair has been cleaned to come in direct contact with a variety of chemicals and sometimes even high temperatures to style. That makes your hair structure change, and it becomes much more sensitive than usual. Your advice is to rest your hair for at least 72 hours after using the hair dye. You should not wash your hair during that time, because your hair is very weak and washing your hair can make it break easily. Do not use a dryer or styling machine, moisturize your hair with some special moisturizing essential oils.

2. Choose shampoo for dyed hair

Choose shampoo for dyed hair
Choose shampoo for dyed hair

Not all types of shampoo are good for colored hair. So, you should choose right shampoo for your hair. Dye-specific shampoos are made with the ingredients needed to protect hair and keep hair color. It helps your hair balanced by moisture and does not lose colors fast. You should learn famous and trusted shampoo brands.

3. Pay attention to the daily routine

Pay attention to the daily routineDaily routine is an important factor to know if your hair color is healthy or not. You should not neglect it. The simplest thing is to clean your hair, too much shampooing is not good. Especially is with colored hair, because it makes colors bleeds. Shampooing your hair 2-3 times a week is the most ideal number that you should do. You should use conditioner to make your hair softer and limit your use of hair dryer. Another is that cold water is better for you to shampoo compared to warm water. Of course, in winter, warm water is still needed.

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4. Use hair mask

Use hair mask
Use hair mask

If the conditioner and moisturizer is not enough to you feel secure, hair mask is a great idea. Your hair color is as sensitive as your face, so it to be better cared by types of hair mask. Hair mask is not only provide moisture required for your hair, it also makes your hair smooth and shiny. You can also create your own hair masks at home with natural ingredients available. It’s so awesome when touch beautiful and colorful curls. You can use hair mask 1-2 times a week is suitable.

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5. Protein supplement at meal

Protein supplement at meal
Protein supplement at meal

As you know, hair is composed mainly by protein. Just taking care of the hair from the outside is not enough, if you want your hair stay healthy, even if you regularly change color for your hair, don’t forget to add protein at your meal. This is a way of taking care of the hair from the inside, it helps provide enough protein for your hair growth, making your hair always thick, less damaged.

6. Cutting off split hair ends

Cutting off split hair ends
Cutting off split hair ends

Small damage when dyeing hair color is unavoidable. A simple way for you to handle that is to cut off your split hair ends. This makes your hair color perfect and unimpeded by the appearance of damaged hair. Cutting your hair also stimulates your hair growth process and prevents damage to your hair. Try doing it at home with a scissors or get help at the hair salon.

7. Protect hair from harmful agents

Protect hair from harmful agents
Protect hair from harmful agents

Every day, your hair always faces harmful effects from the environment such as UV, smoke, dust, … You can limit that by using hats, umbrellas or other accessories to shield you when you go out, especially in the summer. It is essential, especially for hair coloring because of the sensitivity that your hair is having.

8. Keep the spirit relaxed

Keep the spirit relaxed
Keep the spirit relaxed

Do you know? Stress is the culprit that makes your hair fall more. Don’t let that happen to your hair colored. If you love your hair, always be happy and comfortable. You should get enough sleep and avoid worrying too much. It really useful not only with your hair but also with your body. You will always be beautiful and attractive to everyone.

9. Note when styling hair color

Note when styling hair color
Note when styling hair color

Because the silver hair is inherently cool, so you don’t need to style the hair too complex and often. Especially the hairstyle must use chemicals or high temperatures. You should avoid changing your hairstyle constantly, causing your hair to become tired and it will become weak every day.

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We believe that the best tips to you know how to care your colored hair that we introduce above are useful with you. From now on, the problems you encounter when dyeing your hair will be solved. What you need to do is take care of it. Hair care habits are necessary, especially when you dye your hair. When you own a strong and smooth hair, you will feel more confident. Wish you luck on your hair care path. If you are interested in another solution to still have beautiful hair color that doesn’t affect real hair, please learn more about the hair extensions and wigs products that we offer. We are Beequeenhair always ready to you satisfied.

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