Hairstyles for thick wavy hair you will fall in love

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As for women with thick wavy hair, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Thick hair shows that your hair is strong and healthy while wavy hair is voluminous and it can make thick hair become thicker and messier if you don’t make suitable hairstyles. To have best suggestions about beautiful hairstyles for thick wavy hair, don’t ignore this useful article of Beequeenhair!

1. Short hairstyles for thick wavy hair

Layered loose wavy bob

Instead of having a common wavy style with equal hair locks or having deep hair waves which are impressive and clear, making hair with layered loose wavy bob style is highly appreciated. Why? Simply, if you have thin hair, these above hairstyles are perfect to help you have gorgeous appearance in front of others. However, with thick hair, your short hair can look like a mess. Especially, after a time, hair can become frizzy and be damaged by split ends and your hair can look worse.

Layered loose wavy bob can help you deal with these problems and give you the best image with thick wavy short hair. When your hair is trimmed into hair layers, not only do they help you have a unique new haircut but also hide unexpected shortcomings on your face. Therefore, your appearance will look more harmonious and balanced. In addition, loose waves give some something soft and charming for the active bob style. This is really a good choice for short hair, isn’t it?


Layered Loose Wavy Bob

Wavy short hair with bangs

There is a wonderful way to help your short hair look both beautiful and not too thick and messy. It is applying wavy short hair with bangs. A front part of long hair is cut into a suitable style of bangs and then your hair will look thinner but still look full of vitality. Furthermore, keeping bangs makes your face become much younger than that of your real age so why don’t you try?

You can completely choose to have loose hair waves, deep hair waves, romantic hair waves or any style you want because all of them can fit bangs perfectly. For suggestions of bangs style, you can refer to here.