Bundles with Closure

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Bundles Body Wave with Closure

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Bundles Curly with Closure

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Bundles Deep Curly with Closure

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Bundles Deep Wave with Closure

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Bundles Kinky Curly with Closure

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Bundles Natural Wave with Closure

closure straight

Bundles Straight with Closure

closure water body wave

Bundles Water Body Wave with Closure

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Bundles Yaki Straight with Closure

Bundles with Frontal

frontal body wave

Bundles with Frontal Body Wave

frontal curly

Bundles with Frontal Curly

frontal deep curly

Bundles with Frontal Deep Curly

frontal deep wave

Bundles with Frontal Deep Wave

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Bundles with Frontal Kinky Curly

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Bundles with Frontal Natural Wave

frontal straight

Bundles with Frontal Straight

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Bundles with Frontal Water Body Wave

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Bundles with Frontal Yaki Straight

Only Bundles Weave

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Bundles 3 Weave Body Wavy

bundles curly hair

Bundles 3 Weave Curly Hair

bundles deep curly

Bundles 3 Weave Deep Curly

bundles deep wave

Bundles 3 Weave Deep Wavy

bundles kinky curly

Bundles 3 Weave Kinky Curly

bundles natural wave

Bundles 3 Weave Natural Wave

bundles straight hair

Bundles 3 Weave Straight Hair

bundles water body wave

Bundles 3 Weave Water Body Wavy

bundle yaki straight hair

Bundles 3 Weave Yaki Straight

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How We Create Pearl Collection

Pearl Collection is different from other products thanks to its Premium Quality, Luxury Package and Amazing Factory Price. How can we create this hair collection? Let’s take a look.

collecting hair extensions

Carefully selected materials

Right from the start, Our team including many experienced members screened and chose healthy hair donors with virgin hair remained by natural ingredients. Therefore, our materials are:

  • 100% Virgin Human Hair
  • Super soft, smooth and silky
  • Cuticles intact with tangle-free features
  • Pure and healthy for any chemical process afterwards
formation weave hair bundle

Outstanding features of our Products

To create Pearl Collection, we have invested in technology which was imported from the developed countries and our well-trained workmanship. As a result, our products owns some features as below:

  • Reinforced double weft for shedding-free
  • Natural thickness with 130% in density
  • Nice textures made from hot steam
package hair bundles

Strict packaging procedure

We always put the customers’ sake in the first place. At the same time, we care about their safety either.

Hence, we sanitize and fumigate all the bundles deals, closure and frontal before packing them in environmental-friendly bags before placing them in well-designed and opulent boxes.

These boxes play roles as the protector during delivery process and maintenance step.

Inspiration for Pearl Collection

Pearl is an invaluable jewelry that shows the chic as well as beautifully pure soul of a woman. Inspiring from this, we hope to bring in the charm to women all around the world with our bundles deals.

What are you waiting for? Shop the best Virgin Hair Bundles Deals with 3 options:

  • 3 Bundles only
  • 3 Bundles with a Closure
  • 3 Bundles with a Frontal
Only at Beequeenhair!
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