Dry scalp: Symptoms, causes and treatments

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Dry scalp is one of the worst enemies of scalp. It makes you angry because of itchy and uncomfortable feelings as well as make you meet a lot of other psychological problems. Don’t worry! Every trouble has its solution and so dry scalp problem does. In this article, let’s with Beequeenhair find out all things about dry scalp. Thanks to that, you will find the best way for solving your own problem of dry scalp.

1. Symptoms of dry scalp

Dry scalp or flaking scalp is the problem which happens when your scalp is not supplied with enough necessary moisture. That makes some sensitive parts on the scalp become weaker and easier to be sloughed into small flakes on head and hair. When having these traces, you will often have itchy and irritable feelings. It also make you feel not self- confident because it looks like your hair is so dirty and disgusting.

dry scalp

It has some differences from dandruff. Dandruff has the larger size than dry scalp with white or yellow color. It looks so oily and stick to the scalp solidly. Thus, it makes your scalp become dirty and sticky.

However, both of them cause negative problems like uncomfortably itchy feelings, red pimples or scaly- looking skin. Especially with dry scalp, you can get “extremely dry scalp“. It is when scalp dried in a long term comes into hard scabs. You will have the feeling like your scalp gets tightened and you will feel hurt and itchy. On such those conditions, it is necessary to go to the dermatologist and have the best and soonest treatments for dry scalp.

2. Reasons causing dry scalp symptoms

There are many causes for dry scalp problems and we can divide them into two main sources. They are named internal causes which start from each people’s predisposition and external causes which come from the around environment.

Reasons causing dry scalp symptoms

Internal causes

  • Skin conditions: Main forms of this reason are dermatitis or psoriasis. It is also caused by some hereditary reasons or genetic changes.
  • Age problems: When you get older, obviously your scalp becomes drier and meets more trouble than common.
  • Physical and emotional pressures: eating too much or too little, improper rest, etc make you feel uncomfortable. From then, it raises bad problem on the scalp such as dry scalp.

Internal causes

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Commonly, out scalp has its own working mechanism to remain the best condition by generating oily sebum. It works to moisture and protect the scalp. However, in extreme situations like these above, the available sebum is not enough and it causes dry scalp.

External causes

In an industrial society nowadays, exposing to bad environments causes a lot of problems of dry scalp. Specially is these below reasons.

  • Extreme changes of temperature: For example, in cold winter or on the condition with sudden decreasing temperature, your scalp can get dry anytime.
  • Environment polution: Problems of daily dirt, smock and contamination make your scalp get dried or sticked with dandruff.
  • Medication: Using some kinds of medications can cause adding effects, including making dry scalp.
  • Using unsuitable kinds of shampoo and hair treatments: you don’t think that using well- advertised hair treatments is good for you because each person has identical biological machine.

External causes

3. Dry scalp treatments

Knowing specific reasons and symptoms above, it will be much easier to find suitable and effective treatments for your dry scalp problems.

Scalp massage

Maybe, you haven’t not massage your scalp in right way so that your scalp easily gets damaged and dried. Therefore, let’s always notice to your scalp massages while shampooing or using specialized oils. Don’t rub your finger nails on your scalp just only to satisfy your temperate itch. Massage softly and regularly will make your head and hair get the most nutritions. Your scalp is not only moisturized but also maximally cleaned to remove problems of dry scalp as well as other bad effects.

Scalp massage

Using suitable hair conditioners and shampoos

This is considered the quickest method in solving the problems of dry. You only need to go to the dermatologist or a pharmacy to buy suitable hair shampoos and conditioners for yourself. These products are widely sold in the market so that you need to choose thoroughly, finding their ingredients and origin to have good and effective products for your own dry scalp treatment.

Don’t save your money by using cheap and low quality hair conditioners if you don’t want to get unforeseen afterwards. How do you think of Head & Shoulder?

Using suitable hair conditioners

Using tea tree oil, coconut oil or other natural treatments

It is up to your hobby as well as your predisposition that you can use natural treatments like tea tree oil, coconut oils, soap berry, rice water, etc on your scalp. Thanks to soft ingredients from the nature, they are ideal choices for you when having problems of scalp. However, you should also notice that if you see these treatments are not suitable for you, stop using it immediately. It still has a lot of other effective methods for your trouble.

Using tea tree oil coconut oil or other natural treatments

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Changing your diet and lifestyle

If you have an improper lifestyle and an severe diet, they can damage your scalp from inside. Thus, if seeing any uncommon traces that make your health as well as your scalp become uncomfortable, let’s change these old methods and be ready to have another one which is more healthier and nutritious. Asking for the dermatologist’s advises when you meet big trouble!

dermatologists advises

Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking water frequently to supply enough water for your body. Thanks to that your scalp also generates much more sebum to raise and protect it from external cause that can make dry scalp. In addition, don’t make yourself stressed because it is never good for you and also your scalp. Let’s  always be happy and you will see positive effects.

stay hydrated

Are the aforementioned information useful for you? We hope that these treatments will help you remove your unexpected bad effects of dry scalp and make you always feel the most self- confident and comfortable. If you need more information of hair care, hair styles or hair extensions, please visit Beequeenhair store. We are always ready to serve all of your demands.

Finding more about causes and treatments of pimples on scalp, you can need them!

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