Christina El Moussa without makeup

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Are you a big fan of hit series Flip or Flop airing on HGTV? If the answer is yes, then you must know Christina Anstead, formerly known as Christina El Moussa. The Flip or Flop co-host is known not just for an America TV character, a previous real estate agent and model, but also for her incredible natural look.

We all know that beautiful and adorable makeup can make women image more attractive and elegant but it is not always true. Christina el moussa is one of typical example.. Can you realize that Christina el moussa without makeup is so gorgeous and she seems to looks younger than her age? Even though she has become a mother of two kids, Christina el Moussa without makeup still looks great. She might appear with full makeup on all the time on the show, but behind the makeup is still an amazing face. Christina El Moussa without makeup still looks great.

1. Natural and with pretty makeup

Can you realize the difference between two photos of Christina on her Instagram? With or without makeup she still looks beautiful with a bright face. She looks splendid with carefully paint eyes but her bare face is also flawless. Christina no makeup is perfect with healthy skin, so skincare is really a key factor in looking attractive without makeup. Although makeup is able to give self-confidence in her apperance , she still feels more comfortable and dynamic without it. If you feel more comfortable without it, don’t wear it.

2. Natural beauty in daily life

How do you feel about Christina smile in this picture? Christina El Moussa is an attractive lady with lovely personality. She has a charming smile which attracts a lot of people towards her beauty. She is a mother of two kids but in her makeup free selfie posted, she looks flawless and happy next to her lovely kids. After posting this picture, many people give her support comments and praise her for sharing a no makeup selfie. She looks gorgeous and comfortable with her natural skin

Lace Closure 4×4 Kinky Straight hair Dark Brown color

3. Silky hair

Look at those pictures! Do you think that Christina still looks fantastic over the time? Our lovely star is always attractive with silky hair. It can’t be denied that our hair has an important role in our appearence even with or without makeup on. In those pictures, Christina hair always look healthy and shiny, so we surely can’t take our eyes off her natural beauty. So, it’s time for you to get a haircut and choose the best hairstyle that are appropriate for you.

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4. Behind the sences life

It is obivious that Christina El Moussa brims with energy and she appears confident during her trip. It is nice to see the natural beauty of Christina behind the shows. She chooses a gray hoodie and simple hairstyle. One of the simple tips to have a pretty appearence without makeup is that you should choose your clothes matches with your bare face. In fact she can go outside with spendid dress, smoky eyes and perfect makeup but she chooses simple style and looks happy to be herself. If you feel comfortable without makeup, you should be confident in your natural beauty.


5. Taking care of your diet

Another moment that Christina is so gorgeous without make up. At this time she is pregnant and she looks happy with both her baby and her natural skin. Having a baby means that Christian takes care not only herself but also her baby. So how can she looks attractive when she is pregnant? The fact is that she has to choose what you eat to stay healthy and look healthy. Food choices can lead to a less or perfect complexion, so eating fruits and vegetables is an important step to avoid old-looking skin. Without makeup, can you realize the alluring beauty of this pregrancy?

No makeup, Christina El Moussa is still stands out in those pictures. To many people, Christina look perfect without makeup because she is a star. However, she is also a normal women, a normal mother of two kids in her daily life. She can attracts all her fan by her natural beauty and she knows how to take care of her skin. Anyone wants to look flawless but not everyone have to wear makeup to be pretty. Beequenhair hopes that you can be yourself and be confident with your natural beauty

Tomi Lahren and natural beauty no makeup

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