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Women who are having thin hair or fine thin hair may find it quite difficult to style their hair since any pressure or strain can damage their natural hair, leading to worse hair loss.

According to a recent research, about 76% women in UK suffer thin hair during a certain point of their life. Our hair tend to be thinner due to the hormonal change when we age or under pressure for a long time, overthinking and stress.

Luckily, there is good news that you can make your hair look fuller and thicker if you choose the right hairstyles. If you don’t know how to find, don’t worry, in this post Beequeenhair will give you a short-listed celebrities in the world who have perfect hairstyles for thin hair which definitely inspire you!

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s hairstyle is completely a perfect choice for anyone who is having thin hair. To make her hair look fuller and thicker, her stylist created choppy fringe for her and it really get good reaction from public. The fringe creates a feeling that her hair volume is increased and her hair look much fuller. Actually, her hair doesn’t look as thick without front bang- a trick for anyone who is having thin hair. Besides, Michelle Obama is a big fan of black color hair and this combination between short hair choppy fringe and black color is perfect, which help her look chic and fabulous.

Kim Cattrall

Fine hair in blonde color sometimes make your hair look a little flat, that is the reason why it’s quite important to get the right color. However, if you are a big fan of blonde hair, Kim Cattrall’s blunt bob with layers wavy hair is exactly what you are looking for. Her natural hair is quite thin in blonde color, so she decided to style it in wavy texture in highlights which brings a good result. The highlights make add depth and illusion of the volume, make the hair look thicker and fluffy. Besides, wavy texture give an attractive and elegant look.

Bulk Deep Curly hair Light Brown color

Kirsty Young

TV presenter Kirsty’s hairstyle is another great option for anyone with fine thin hair. The best way to improve thin hair is try to add more texture and volume to the hair and long layers work effectively in this situation. Kirsty Young said that, one of the best secret to help you look younger than your real age is have layers style– which is believed to be an anti-aging hairstyle because it slims your face and make it look brighter. Besides, Kirsty also have bangs which contribute to increase hair volume and round the face. We really adore her hairstyle! It is such a good idea for fine thin hair.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge’s hair always looks impeccable no matter what style she rocks, it always shows the royalty. One of her secrets to keep her hair healthy and glossy is hare care routine. She shared that choosing shampoo and conditioner for thin hair is quite important that provide enough nutrition for thin hair, avoid shedding or hair loss. After having a healthy hair, you can curl the end of lock to make it fuller. Besides, she also use styling hair spray to increase the volume of hair and keep the curls last longer. You can completely use hair care product for fine thin hair since hair that is in good condition will create illusion of thickness and shine to hair.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s hairstyles always inspire women in the world. Her hair is quite thin and fine but she always appear to public with the perfect hairstyle that hide all the weak point of her natural hair. One of those is loose low bun with swept curly bangs. The highlight of this hairstyle is swept curly bangs which contributes the most to make the hair look fuller. Besides, face-framing curly bangs also help to slim her face and give her a chic look.

Bulk Deep Curly hair Dark Brown color

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren always catches people’s eyes whenever she appears to the public. The famous UK actress fascinates everyone by her perfect styles, especially her hairstyle. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is suitable for fine thin hair, Helen’s straight pixie with swept bangs is a perfect option. Besides, a pair of silver earrings with a matching necklace is a smart combination which will grab more attention of people on those jewelry instead of your hair!

Cameron Diaz

If you are having long fine hair but still want to keep the length and make it look more volume, Cameron Diaz’s layered long hair definitely works for you. As one of the best known celebrities with fine hair, Cameron Diaz always spend time taking care of her hair. She said that, using right products to care for your hair is very important since wrong one can make your hair even weaker and easier to be broken. Besides, Cameron Diaz keep her hair in soft wavy texture to which gives her hair a look of fullness and also slim her face.

Michelle Monaghan

The “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” star has fine thin hair in brunette color that looks gorgeous in both bob and long layers. Monaghan often changes her hairstyles but she always knows how to make it look fuller and shinier. If you notice, you can see her hair is so glossy. One of these hairstyles, a loose updo with wavy tendrils can be considered as one of the best one. The wavy tendrils extremely works for fine thin hair, since wavy texture always help to increase volume of hair and give you an attractive look. Besides, to help hair look glossier, you can combine a shine serum though your hair before using hair dryer to blow.

Winona Ryder

The best know American actress a film producer, Winona Ryder always fascinate every woman in the world by her perfect personality and gorgeous styles. Besides, her quirky and elegant hairstyles are definitely a big source of inspiration for woman with fine thin hair. If you are a big fan of short hair or pixie hairstyle from 90s, get your hair chop into any layers then divide your hair into small pieces and start curling one by one. After that use your fingers to spread it naturally before using hairspray. This is an effective tip that Winona Ryder shared with her fans.

Bulk Fumi Curly hair Natural color

Charlize Theron

Short curls and red lip, a perfect combination for all women with fine thin hair and always stay trendy. Becoming as the most famous South African and American actress and producer, Charlize Theron’s styles always make a deep inspiration on every one. Soft messy style helps the curls look more natural, fluffy and fuller.

Besides, her smoky eyes extremely matches her short blonde wavy hair. One of the good point of thin fine hair is that, it is quite easy to style your hair. Therefore, don’t worry when you have fine thin hair, style it in different you want or try Charlize Theron’s hairstyle that I bet will definitely enhance your beauty.

How to make thin hair look thicker

Gwyneth Paltrow

With born fine strands in natural blonde color combined in straight texture, Gwyneth Paltrow’s hairstyle should be another option for anyone with fine thin hair. No need to curl hair or use heat to style hair, keep its original texture with center-part, her hair is amazing enough to grab all attention from other people. Besides, the blonde center-part hair really work for round face since it slim your face due to the long strands without bangs. This simple but beautiful hairstyle is a great option for anyone with fine thin hair.

Fine thin hair is no longer a big problem with women since we can completely style our hair following Beequeenhair’s list of celebrities with fine thin hair.

Additionally, choosing the right hair care products to provide enough suitable nutrient for your hair is pretty important, which can help avoid damaging hair.

Besides, if you really love to have long thick and smooth locks, you can completely wear hair extensions from Beequeenhair which are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair with the whole sale prices. Beequeenhair is always willing to help you solve any hair problem. So don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below or directly send us a message to receive best advice!

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