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Many women think of pixie hairstyles as a way to imply their strong characteristics and only edgy people can rock these haircuts. However, they may get it wrong. Although it’s super short, they can bring in a fashionable hairdo as well as a feminine image to their owners. If you haven’t get any ideas for your tress in Summer 2020, we will give you some. Keep reading on and find out the best one for you.

Why should women rock pixie hairstyles?

Although pixie cuts need constantly maintaining and skillfully styling, there are a variety of reasons for many women to rock a pixie hairstyle or pixie hair extensions.

Firstly, it’s time-saving

Although short hair limits the hairstyles you can make, it’s also the perk of this hair length. Pixie cuts are considered to be no muss, no fuss as those with short hair do not have to spend tons of time on styling hair in the morning. Needless to say, the longer your hair is, the more it takes to make them beautiful. Instead of being busy with hot tools, hairspray, and many other tools to make a great look, you can easy get some gel and your pixie hair is done.

Secondly, it’s cool and youthful

Do you want to get a 3-year-old-younger look? It’s easy, let’s take a haircut. 

Last but not least, it’s absolutely an ideal style for summer

It’s hot in summer, right? Absolutely, a long tress is annoying in this temperature. Then, short hair is a great idea for you and many women worldwide in this season. You no longer have to worry about high temperature as long as hot weather thanks to the pixie cut.

7 best pixie hairstyles for Summer 2020

Windblown Pixie

Windblown Pixie

If your natural hair is thin, do not hesitate to opt for a windblown pixie because it can add some volume to your hair and give you a natural look. Another advantage of this hairstyle is its low maintenance. When people try to make their hairstyle in shape, you needn’t because this hairstyle itself is messy and free. If you think its mess is not suitable to some circumstances such as workplace, meeting, conference, etc. you are wrong. You absolutely become chic and elegant by mixing and matching outfits.

Slicked-Back Pixie

Slicked-Back Pixie

A slicked-back pixie hairstyle is really a great choice for those who are not interested in having their hair cut regularly to maintain the look. You can achieve this look by adding some gel to your hair and combing it back toward your nape. Thanks to that, you get an instant cool appearance that can go along with any special occasions like wedding, prom, red carpet, and so on.

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Undercut Pixie

Undercut Pixie

Instead of wearing your pixie hairstyles in a traditional way, why do not you get an asymmetrical undercut haircut for a change? The asymmetrical undercut will make the locks on the top of your head outstanding. An undercut pixie gives its wearer a great chance to enjoy different hair colors. The shade of baby pink in the photo above is a suggestion.

Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie

If your hair is thick and you want a little bit of movement in it, you can get a layered pixie haircut. You can also keep some hair over your ears to make the hairstyle look more artistic.

Furthermore, the layered pixie will appear to become more radiant if some highlights and lowlights are added to it.

Side-Parted Pixie

Side-Parted Pixie

The fact is that making a side part is the fastest and easiest way to change the look of your pixie haircut. The side parting draws attention to your face so that your best features can be shown off. Especially, no matter how large or small your forehead is, the swept bang will hide your weakness perfectly and re-frame your face for sure. If you are new to short hair, this one is really a nice choice for a pixie hairstyle.

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Springy Pixie

Springy Pixie

In addition to a layered pixie haircut, a springy pixie can also add some movement to your natural hair. Try this sassy hairstyle if you really want to chop your hair without going too short.

The curls contribute to give the pixie texture and volume. Without hair extensions, you still shine.

Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob

As the name reflects, this hairstyle is the combination of a pixie haircut and a bob haircut. Normally, a pixie bob is shorter on the back and longer on the front. This kind of haircut is usually combined with a side part for an asymmetric look. It’s recognizable that those who own this style can show their strong characteristics as well as their femininity incredibly.

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Women who think that sporting a pixie cut may make them look like a boy, try a pixie bob immediately since it will make them look 100% feminine.

Summer is around the corner. Consider cutting your natural hair into a pixie in summer 2020, will you?

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